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PCBA process

Surface assembly method of PCBA processing

Surface assembly method of PCBA processingElectronic OEM foundry is also a relatively common processing cooperation method in today's electronic processing industry, which can indeed save a lot of trouble for R&D companies. PCBA processing is the main...

The reason and solution of PCBA processing false welding products

First, the cause of virtual welding/false welding?The oxidation of the pad and the pin of the component is easy to cause that the solder paste in the state of liquefaction cannot fully infiltrate the pad and climb the tin during reflow welding, resulting

The reason and solution of PCBA processing false welding

In the printing process, the pressure of the scraper should be adjusted, the appropriate steel mesh should be selected, and the steel network port should not be too small to avoid the situation of too little tin.adjust the reflow welding temperature curve

What role does AOI testing play in PCBA processing

AOI testing can also help optimize the process and production efficiency of PCBA processingThrough the automatic inspection of PCBA board, the quality and consistency in the machining process can be monitored and controlled in real-time. If a problem is d

The function and precautions of PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant

Cutting PCB board 2. Precise control of cutting position and Angle 3. Help to improve production efficiency. Reduce material waste 1. The correct positioning of the splitter 2. Safe use 3. Ensure the quality of materials

Surface assembly method of PCBA processing

Surface assembly method of PCBA processing PCBA processing is to form a finished electronic product after a complete set of processing processes such as PCB boarding, SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in processing, quality inspection, testing, and assem

PCBA process flow

PCBA process flowIn simple terms, what is a PCB?PCB=printed circuit board; the Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, which is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a carrier for e

Where can PCBA processing be done

Storage container: anti-static turnover box.Isolation material: anti-static pearl-cotton.Spacing: Leave a distance of more than 10mm between PCB boards and containers.

The PCB assembly factory tells you the calculation of SMT patch processing points

​The calculation of SMT chip processing points is the main basis for the calculation of processing costs. Many customers who have only come into contact with the SMT processing industry do not know how to calculate the price.

Development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production and processing

The current market situation of automotive electronics PCBA is that the pre-installation market is matched by the vehicle market itself, and the suppliers are generally subsidiaries or holding companies of their own companies.

PCBA processing patch processing small knowledge

The surface packaging technology is analyzed and studied for assembling the circuit board. And then we put it together and we make a finished product. That is to say printed circuit board blank after the patch

Introduction to the process of PCBA processing plant

Quality control of PCBA processing plant: Quality control of PCBA processing plant is ensured by inspection and experiment. The main technical indicators include operating voltage range, thermal resistance, impedance test, electromagnetic compatibility an

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