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Changes in the size of the substrate in the printed board manufacturing process

In the rapid development of science and technology today, a variety of high-tech electronic products emerge in an endless stream, which makes the demand for printed circuit boards increase sharply, manufacturing difficulties are becoming higher and higher

What are the applications of flexible printed boards?

Core plate fabrication → inspection → surface treatment → superimposed semi-curable sheet and RCC→ pressing → positioning of the pattern of the hole → etching the window of the hole →CO2 laser drilling → removal of protective film → metallization of the h

What are the structures of flexible printed boards?

The different types of structures are characterized as follows: 1: flexible single-sided printed board, consisting of only one conducting layer; 2: flexible double-sided printed board, consisting of two conducting layers. 3: Flexible multilayer printed bo

High frequency plate (high frequency microwave printed board) production problems should be paid attention to

With the continuous development of science and technology, especially information technology, the process technology of printed board production is improved accordingly to meet the needs of different users. In recent years, the development of communicatio

Anti-interference design of printed board

The circuit working at high frequency should consider the interference between components. The general circuit should make parallel arrangement of components as far as possible to facilitate wiring;

Methods to prevent the warping of PCB printed boards

The board on which the components are installed is bent after welding, and it is difficult to cut the feet of the components neatly. The board can not be installed into the chassis or machine socket, so the assembly plant encountered the board is also ver

Brief description of the key process of manufacture of double sided printed board

Double-sided PCB is a printed board with conductive graphics on both sides. It is usually made of epoxy glass cloth covered with copper foil board. It is mainly used in equipment with high performance requirements.

What are the characteristics of high frequency microwave printed board manufacturing?

In the high speed signal transmission line of printed board wire, one is the high frequency signal transmission class of electronic products, the other is the high speed logic signal transmission class of electronic products.

Overview of high precision technology of printed board PCB

Buried, blind hole structure of the printed circuit board, generally use the "sub-board" production mode to complete, which means that after several times of pressing plate, drilling, hole plating and so on to complete, so precise positioning is...

Circuit board factory explains the design of high-quality printed boards Part 3

Circuit board assembly and circuit board processing manufacturers explain high-quality printed board design Part III

Characteristics of metal core printed board

The metal core printed circuit board has good heat dissipation. The metal core has large heat capacity and high thermal conductivity, which can quickly dissipate the heat inside the board. If the metal core is connected with the shell and the external rad

Troubleshooting of electroless nickel plating process for multilayer printed boards

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