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Finished Product Assembly

Finished Product Assembly

Finished electronic product assembly services, involving industrial controllers, medical electronics, IoT modules, electronic and electrical equipment, etc., assemble the PCBA circuit boards, human-machine interfaces, shells, wiring harness connectors, and other modules that have been produced and tested, and package them together A complete set of products is delivered to end customers for use. As an important part of EMS electronics manufacturing, the electronic assembly business has many processes and complicated processes, so process control and quality control are particularly important in the finished electronic products. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO13485 medical device quality management system, IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and other certifications. During the PCBA assembly process, we strictly implement relevant SOP operation standards, station self-inspection, QC full inspection, QA online sampling inspection, pre-shipment OBA sampling inspection and other management methods, while adopting barcode management system, effectively trace and register to distinguish good products from defective products, and achieve the ideal goal of direct assembly rate and customer quality random inspection pass rate.


1. Over the years, we have provided one-stop electronic product assembly services for customers in various industries, including: industry, energy, medical, transportation, communication, home appliances and other fields. The following is a partial electronic assembly display:

Pollution Meter Controller


       Xiaomi Digital Power Supply


Light Therapy Glasses




150w mobile power


       Energy storage 220V inverter


New Energy Management System


Medical clinical hematology analyzer

2. Protection and packaging

Regardless of the material preparation before going online, or the production process and shipment, we pay great attention to product protection to prevent physical damage to the product during turnover and handling. During the production process, we will use anti-static packaging to protect the integrity of the product's appearance and also prevent some sensitive electronic components from being damaged by static electricity.



Material protection packaging before productionProduction process and turnover protective packagingShipping packaging

We will set up a special project leader and project manager to track your electronic product ODM and OEM projects throughout the process, and be responsible for the whole-stage control of technical requirements discussion, filing, mid-term Beta testing, proofing, regression modification, finalization, and batch production. , according to the expected schedule of the project, to provide you with satisfactory electronic product ODM and OEM services, and strictly control the quality of the entire product assembly (Box Building) process.

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