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About Kingford
About Kingford
PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Shenzhen Kingford EMS Co., Ltd. founded in 2012, is a one-stop PCBA solution service provider who integrates PCB Layout, PCB manufacturing, PCBA solution and product design, component procurement, SMT, DIP, finished product assembly and testing, having over 10 years of experience in serving many domestic and foreign brand customers in a wide range of  fields such as Medical, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Home, Security, Power and Communications, etc..

Kingford is committed to meeting the customer needs of "multi-variety, small and medium batches, quick turn delivery, and high quality". Its KFPCBA Platform achieves the fastest 23-hour delivery of SMT without queuing.

"Digital-driven, Technology Empowerment and Shared philosophy" makes Kingford consistently improve its level of digital intelligence, and create values for customers and partners under the power of technology.




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Development history
In 1999
Hong Kong Kingford PCB Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.Hong Kong Kingford PCB Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.Hong Kong Kingford PCB Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.Hong Kong Kingfor...
In 2014
Participated in Huizhou Weide PCB Factory
In 2015
Obtained UL certification in the United States, customers in all 100+ countries
In 2018
Established Shenzhen PCBA one-stop manufacturing factory
In 2019
IATF16949,ISO13485,ISO9001,ISO14001, IPC certification
In 2020
Implement ERP, OA, WMS, BI digital construction
In 2021
Kingford PCBA's new factory was put into operation, KFPCBA platform was launched, and won the national high-tech enterprise certification
In 2022
Preparing to build own Thailand's production base
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