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PCB Fabrication Capability

PCB Fabrication Capability

ProcessItemUnitProcess Capability((sample))Process Capability(Production)
Basic InformationSurfaceSurface TreatmentTin lead /Leadfree HASLFlash GoldENIGOSPImmersion Tin / SilverHard GoldTin lead /Leadfree HASLFlash GoldENIGOSPImmersion Tin / SilverHard Gold
Selective Surface TreatmentENIG+OSPENIG+Gold FingerGold Finger+HASLFlash Gold+Gold FingerImmersion Silver+Gold FingerImmersion Tin+Gold FingerENIG+OSPENIG+Gold FingerGold Finger+HASLFlash Gold+Gold FingerImmersion Silver+Gold FingerImmersion Tin+Gold Finger
Products CapabiityLayer CountLayer0-30(26 Layers needs Review0-12(10 Layers needs Review
Bow and Twist%0.75(0.5needs Process Review0.75(0.5needs Process Review
Min finished sizemm10*10mmNeed panel
Max finished Size (4L)mm450*900mm500*600mm
Multi-press for Blind/Buried Vias/Multi-press Cycle4 times(Needs review for 2 cycles pressing)Multi-press Cycle2times
Max finished Size (Double Sides)mm450*1450mm490*900mm
Finished Board Thicknessmm0.30-3.0(0.3mm Needs Review),0.5mm for HASL0.3-4.0(0.3mm Needs Review),0.5mm for HASL
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance(1.0mm)mm±0.1±0.1
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance(>1.0mm)mmMaterial Thickness±10%Material Thickness±10%
Unspecified Finished Board Thickness ToleranceNo stack up requirementsmmMultilayer:≤2.0mm can±0.12.0-3.0mm can±0.15;≥3.0mm can±0.2Double Sides+/-10%Multilayer:≤2.0mm can±0.12.0-3.0mm can±0.15;≥3.0mm can±0.2Double Sides+/-10%
Reliable TestPeel StrengthN/cm7.87.8
Ionic Contaminationug/cm211
Min Dielectric Thicknessmm0.075(only for HOZ Base Copper) / 1OZ if copper ground area >80%0.075(only for HOZ Base Copper) / 1OZ if copper ground area >80%
Impedance Tolerance%±5Ω(<50Ω),±10%(50Ω);50Ω±5%Needs Review±5Ω(<50Ω),±10%(50Ω);50Ω±5%Needs Review
Base Material TypeMaterial TypeHigh Tg Material
Shengyi Tg>170 ;ITEQ 180 ;KB6168Shengyi Tg>170 ;ITEQ 180 ;KB6168
Impedance Control MaterialOthers need ReviewFR-4,FR-4 HighTg SeriesFR-4,FR-4 HighTg Series
RCC MaterialNeeds ReviewCopper foil thickness 12um,Dielectric Thickness 65,80,100um (After Pressing 55,70,90um)Copper foil thickness 12um,Dielectric Thickness 65,80,100um (After Pressing 55,70,90um)
Prepreg TypeFR-4 PrepregLD-1080HDI
7628 2116 1080 3313 1067628 2116 1080 3313 106
Copper foil Copper Foilum1218357010514017512183570105140175
Innerlayer & Outerlayer Image TransferMachineScrubbing Machine
0.11-3.2mm,min 9*9inch0.11-3.2mm,min 9*9inch
Innerlayer Process Capabilitylaminator, Exposer
0.11-6.0mm,min 8*8in,max 24*24in0.11-6.0mm,min 8*8in,max 24*24in
Etching Line
0.11-6.0mm,min 7*7inch0.2-6.0mm,min 7*7inch
Min Inner Line Width/Space(18um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil3.2/3.2mil4/4mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(35um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil4/4mil4.5/4.5mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(70um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil7/7mil8/7.5mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(105um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil10/10mil12/12mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(140um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil12/13mil13/14mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(175um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil17/17mil17/17mil
Min Inner Line Width/Space(210um copper foil,Before Compensation)mil25/21mil25/21mil
Min Spacing from hole edge to conductivemil6L 6.5milPartial 7mil)、≤10L 8.5milPartial 8mil)≤12L  10milPartial 9mil)6L 8milPartial 7mil)、≤12L  10milPartial 9mil)
Innerlayer & Outerlayer Image TransferInnerlayer Process CapabilityMin Innerlayer Annular Ringmil3(18,35um,Partial3.5),6(70um),8(105um)5(18,35um,Partial3.5),7(70um),10(105um)
Min Innerlayer Isolation ClearancemilConductive to Conductive 10mil(Partial 8mil)Conductive to Conductive 12mil(Partial 8mil)
Min Spacing from board edge to conductivemil8except for blind vias)、10Blind Vias10except for blind vias)、12Blind Vias
Min Gap width between copper groundmil5(35um base copper) ≥2pcs (≥70um needs review)8(35um base copper) ≥2pcs (≥70um needs review)
Different copper thckness for inner coreum18/35,35/70(needs review18/35,35/70(needs review
Max Finished Copper Thicknessoz10OZ(175um)、≥6OZ needs review4OZ(140um)
Outer layer Process CapabilityMin Outer Line Width/Space(6-9um base copperbefore compensation)mil3/3mil(achieve copper Thickness25um-30um)3.2/3.2mil(achieve copper Thickness25um-30um)
Min Outer Line Width/Space(12um base copperbefore compensation)mil3/3mil(achieve copper Thickness30um-35um)3.5/3.5mil(achieve copper Thickness30um-35um)
Min Outer Line Width/Space(18um base copperbefore compensation)mil4/4mil4.5/4.5mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(35um base copperbefore compensation)mil5/6mil5.5/6.5mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(70um base copperbefore compensation)mil7/7mil8/8mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(105um base copperbefore compensation)mil9/10mil12/11mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(140um base copperbefore compensation)mil12/12mil16/14mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(175um base copperbefore compensation)mil17/16mil20/18mil
Min Outer Line Width/Space(210um base copperbefore compensation)mil24/22mil28/25mil
Min Grid Line Widthmil5121835 um),870 um5121835 um),1070 um
Min Grid Spacingmil5121835 um),870 um5121835 um),1070 um
Min Hole Pad Diametermil12(0.10mm mechanical or Laser Drill)12(0.10mm mechanical or Laser Drill)
Min PP thickness2oz: 6mil  3oz: 8mil 4oz:10mil   5oz: 12mil  6oz:14mil  
Innerlayer & Outerlayer Image TransferProcess CapabilityMax size for slot tenting
5mm*3.0mmthe tent land should >10mil5mm*3.0mmthe tent land should >10mil
Max diameter for tenting holemm4.54.5
Min tent land widthmil66
Min annular ringafter compensation, except for blind viasmil4(1218um) Partial 3.54.5(35um)          6(70um)8(105um)10140um4(1218um) 5(35um)          6(70um)8(105um)10140um
Min BGA diamtermil10(Flash gold 8mil)10(Flash gold 8mil)
AOIMachine CapabilityOrbotech SK-75  AOI/0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch
Orbotech  Ves Machine/0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch
Dis covery 8200 AOI/0.05-7.7mm,max26*31inch0.05-7.7mm,max26*31inch
DrillingMachine CapabilityNTL-DG2H\NTL-DG6H Drill machinecan process 2nd drill0.11-6.0mmmax size 22.4*26inch   min   Drill 0.15MM0.11-6.0mmmax size 22.4*26inch   min   Drill 0.15MM
MT-CNC2600 Drill machinecan process 2nd drill0.11-6.0mmmax size 18.5*26inch  min   Drill  0.20MM0.11-6.0mmmax size 18.5*26inch  min   Drill  0.20MM
Process CapabilityMin slot drill bit sizemm0.50.5
Max aspect ratio for board thickness vs drill bit size/12:1(except for 0.2mm drill bit,exceed 10:1 needs review)12:1(except for 0.2mm drill bit,exceed 10:1 needs review)
Hole location toleranceCompare with CAD datamil±3±3
Counterbore hole
PTH & NPTHTop angle 130 DegreeTop diameter <6.3mmPTH & NPTHTop angle 130 DegreeTop diameter <6.3mm
Min spacing from hole edge to conductive(Except for blind vias)mil6(8 L),7(10 L),8(14 L),12(26 L)6(8 L),7(10 L),8(14 L),12(26 L)
Max drill bit sizemm6.36.3
Max board thickness for 0.20mm drill bit sizemm2.52
Min multi-hit slot widthmm0.450.45
Hole size tolerance for press fitmil±2±2
Min PTH Slot dimension tolerancemm±0.15±0.15
Min NPTH slot dimension tolerancemm±0.05±0.05
DrillingProcess CapabilityMin spacing from hole edge to conductive(Blind vias)mil8(1 cycle pressing) 10(2 cycles pressing) 12(3 cycles pressing)8(1 cycle pressing) 10(2 cycles pressing) 12(3 cycles pressing)
Max board thickness for 0.15mm mechanical drillmm1.35(8 L) needs review1.2(8 L) needs review
Min hole size for laser drillmm0.10(Depth 55um),0.13(Depth 80um0.15(Depth 100um)0.10(Depth 55um),0.13(Depth 80um0.15(Depth 100um)
Countersink hole angle & Diameter
Top 8290120 degree diameter10mm needs reviewTop 8290120 degree diameter10mm needs review
Wet ProcessMachine CapabilityPanel & Pattern plating line
0.20-7.0mm,max 24*30inch0.20-7.0mm,max 24*30inch
Deburring Maching
0.20-7.0mm,min 8*8inch0.20-7.0mm,min 8*8inch
Desmear LineCan process 2nd desmear0.20-7.0mm,max 24*32in0.20-7.0mm,max 24*32in
Tin Plating Line
0.20-3.2mm,max 24*30inch0.20-3.2mm,max 24*30inch
Process CapabilityMin hole wall copper thicknessumaverage 25,min20average 25,min20
Finished copper thickness(12um base copper)um≥2518
Finished copper thickness(18um base copper)um35(nominal thickness 52umor 1.5Oz)35(nominal thickness 52umor 1.5Oz)
Finished copper thickness(35um base copper)um50(nominal thickness 65um)50(nominal thickness 65um)
Finished copper thickness(70um base copper)um≥85≥85
Min Line width for ectching markingmil8(1218um)10(35um)1270um8(1218um)10(35um)1270um
Max finished copper thickness for inner & Outer layers/1OZ(350um)、≥6OZ needs review1OZ(350um)、≥6OZ needs review
Different copper thickness/18/3535/70(needs review)18/3535/70(needs review)
Solder MaskMachine CapabilityScrubbing Machine/0.50-7.0mm,min9*9inch0.50-7.0mm,min9*9inch
Exposer/0.11-7.0mm,max 25*32inch0.11-7.0mm,max 25*32inch
Develop Machine/0.11-7.0mm,min 4*5inch0.11-7.0mm,min 4*5inch
ColorSolder Mask Color/Green, yellow, black, blue, red, white, matte greenGreen, yellow, black, blue, red, white, matte green
Solder MaskColorsilkscreen Color/White,yellow,black,orange,grayWhite,yellow,black,orange,gray
Solder Mask CapabilityMin Solder Mask OpeningClearance(After Compensation)mil2(Partial 1.5 for Flash Gold,others can partia 1)Only for18um & 35um2(Partial 1.5 for Flash Gold,others can partia 1)Only for18um & 35um
Max plugged vias sizemm0.65mm for drill bit size0.5mm for drill bit size
Min width for line coverage by S/Mmil2mil per side,Only applies to 18um and 35um base copper2mil per side,Only applies to 18um and 35um base copper
Min solder mask legends widthmil8(min 7mil)8(min 7mil)
Min solder mask thicknessum88
Solder mask thickness for via tentingum1010
Min  carbon oil line spacingmil1010
Carbon oil/carbon oil min seclusionmil1414
Carbon oil cover line minmil2.52.5
Carbon oil min  line widthmil1212
Min Spacing from carbon pattern to padsmil10mil70um base copper12mil10mil70um base copper12mil
Min width for peelable mask cover line/padsmil66
Min solder mask bridge widthmilBase copper1OZBlack,white & matte ink are 6mils, other inks are 4mils. Base coper 2-4OZ, min bridge width is 6mils.Base copper1OZBlack,white & matte ink are 6mils, other inks are 4mils. Base coper 2-4OZ, min bridge width is 6mils.
Solder Mask HardnessH66
Solder MaskPeelable Mask CapabilityMin spacing from peelable mask pattern to padsmil1212
Max diameter for peelable mask tent hole (By screen printing)mm22
Max diameter for peelable mask tent hole (By Aluminum printing)mm4.54.5
Peelable mask thicknessmm0.2-0.50.2-0.5
Component Mark CapabilityMin Component mark line width and height(1218um base copper)/Line width 4.5milHeight23milLine width 4.5milHeight23mil
Min Component mark line width and height(35um Base copper)/Line width 5milHeight27milLine width 5milHeight27mil
Min Component mark line width and height(70um Base copper)/Line width 6mil, Height:45mil (State double printing on Lot Card)Line width 6mil, Height:45mil (State double printing on Lot Card)
Min Spacing from legends to padsmil77
Surface TreatmentSurface Treatment CapabilityMax Gold Finger Lengthinch22
Nickel Thickness For ENIGum3-5UM3-5UM
Gold Thickness For ENIGum0.025-0.100.025-0.10
Nickel Thickness For Gold Fingerum3-5UM3-5UM
Gold Thickness For Gold Fingerum0.25-1.50.25-1.5
Min Tin Thickness For HASLum0.4(Copper Ground)0.4(Copper Ground)
HASL MachineCan process 2nd HASL0.6-4.0mm,min 5*5max 20*25inch0.6-4.0mm,min 5*5max 20*25inch
Gold Finger surface treatment
Flash Gold/ENIGFlash Gold/Hard GoldFlash Gold/ENIGFlash Gold/Hard Gold
gold thickness of Water gold board  u"1-5Conventionality1u"1-5Conventionality1u"
nickel thickness of Water gold board u"120-250Conventionality120u"120-250Conventionality120u"
Immersion gold to OSP solder pad min distancemil9mil9mil
Immersion Gold
0.2-7.0mmmin 6*6inmax 21*27in0.2-7.0mmmin 6*6inmax 21*27in
Immersion Tin Thicknessum0.8-1.50.8-1.5
Immersion Silver Thicknessum0.2-0.4um0.2-0.4um
OSP Thicknessum0.2-0.50.2-0.5
E-TestMachine CapabilityFlying Probe Tester
0.4-6.0mm,max 19.6*23.5inch0.4-6.0mm,max 19.6*23.5inch
Min Spacing From Test Pad to Board Edgemm0.50.5
Min Conductive ResistanceΩ55
Max Insulation Resistance250250
Max Test VoltageV500500
Min Test Pad Diametermil66
Min Test Pad to Pad Spacingmil1010
Max Test CurrentmA200200
ProfilingMachine CapabilityProfiling Type/NC RoutingV-CUTSlot TabsStamp HoleNC RoutingV-CUTSlot TabsStamp Hole
NC Routing MachineCan process 2nd Routing0.2-6.0mm,max 25.5*21.5inch0.2-6.0mm,max 25.5*21.5inch
V-CUT Machine<0.6mm for one side only0.5-3.0mm, Max board width for v-cut:18inch0.5-3.0mm, Max board width for v-cut:18inch
Min Routing Bit Diametermm0.61
Outline Tolerance(Line to Line)mil±4(Complicated outlineslot need review)±4(Complicated outlineslot need review)
V-CUT Angle Type
Process CapabilityV-CUT Angle Toleranceo±5°±5°
V-CUT Registration Tolerancemil±4±4
Min Spacing from Conductive to V-cut linemil12mil16mil
V-CUT Web Thickness Tolerancemil±2±2
Min Gold Finger SpacingAfter Compensationmil66
Min Spacing to avoid gold finger tab bevelledmm7(For Auto-Bevelling)7(For Auto-Bevelling)
Bevelling Angle Tolerance/±5°±5°
Bevelling Remain Thickness Tolerancemil±5±5
Min Inner Radiusmm0.40.4
Min Spacing from Conductive to Outlinemil810
Countersink or Counterbore Depth Tolerancemm±0.2±0.2
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