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The function and precautions of PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant
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The function and precautions of PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant

The function and precautions of PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant

1. Cut the PCB board

PCB board is the basis of PCBA processing, and sometimes in the production process need to divide a large PCB board into a number of small PB boardC, this time the board can be used. The splitter can easily cut the large PCB board into many small PCB board, thus providing convenience for the subsequent processing and production.66 (1)

2. Accurately control the cutting position and Angle

The board distributor can precisely control the cutting position and Angle, thus ensuring that each small PCB board after segmentation meets the requirements. This high precision control can also improve product quality and reduce the defect rate of the final product.

3. Help improve production efficiency

Using the splitter can improve the production efficiency, because the splitter can quickly complete the task of the splitter, thus saving the production time. In addition, the splicer can also avoid the human error caused by manual splicing, to ensure that the quality of each PCB board is consistent.

4. Reduce material waste

Manual splitter will generally bring some material waste, and automatic splitter can reduce the waste of materials through precise control. This is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also can effectively reduce the cost of production.

PCBA splitter use precautions

1. Correct positioning of the board distributor

When dividing boards, the PCB board needs to be cut, so the PCB board needs to be fixed to ensure that there will be no deviation when cutting. Therefore, when using the splitter, the correct positioning is needed to ensure the stability of the PCB board.

2. Use it safely

The distributor shall have certain safety awareness for the operator to avoid operating errors or accidents during operation. In addition, when the splitter is used, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the splitter, and check the safety performance of the equipment regularly.

3. Operation specifications

When operating the splicer, follow the industry standards and user manuals to avoid equipment or personnel losses caused by misoperations.

4. Ensure the quality of materials

When using the splitter, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the material to ensure that the PCBA board after segmentation will not appear some material defects, fragmentation, or other damage problems.

PCBA splicer plays an important role in PCBA processing plant, which can improve production efficiency, reduce material waste and ensure product quality. However, when using the splicer, it is necessary to comply with the corresponding operating standards and precautions to ensure the safety and use effect of the equipment.

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