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PCBA process

PCBA processing wave soldering points for attention

PCBA processing wave welding notes :PCBA after wave welding, cleaning board, storage and maintenance may be white around the pad. The white stuff is mostly residue

How to select components and substrates in PCBA processing?

SMT factory layout and location requirements: 1, fire extinguisher placement area, 2, material rack car placement area, 3, material preparation table placement area, 4, printing station table placement area, 5, tin paste placement area, 6, after the furna

The reason and solution of PCBA processing soldering tin

In case of tinning, corresponding measures should be taken: 1. Adjust welding process parameters: 2. Replacement of solder alloy: 3. Replacement of components: 4. Check the surface treatment of PCB board and components: 5. Inspection equipment

​ How do PCBA processing plants purchase components?

How should PCBA processing plant do a good job in component procurement: 1. PCBA component procurement channels; 2. PCBA component quality control; 3

What is the 01005 process? Why is 01005 process expensive in PCBA processing?

It is mainly because the thin welding paste is more likely to form a larger cavity, or the thickness gap of the weld is too small, leading to the volatiles of the welding machine more difficult to discharge through this "channel", so that the pr...

PCBA processing reflow welding and wave welding difference

In the through-hole PCBA assembly technique, the component is inserted into the drilled hole and a strong solder joint is formed by wave soldering. Usually, through - hole components are inserted manually

Causes of virtual welding in PCBA processing

The reasons for the appearance of virtual welding in PCBA processing are as follows: 1. Oxidation of pad and component pins; 2. Less tin; 3. The temperature is too high or too low, 4 welding paste melting point is low, 5, solder paste quality problems

PCBA processing workshop environment and personnel requirements

PCBA processing on the workshop environment specific requirements: one, temperature, humidity requirements, two, ventilation capacity, three, power requirements, four, electrostatic protection requirements

PCBA processing requirements for PCB board

PCBA processing requirements for PCB board; 1, PCB size,2, PCB board side width,3, PCB bending,4, PCB board Mark point,5, PCB welding pad

PCBA processing technology of the four links

The process process of PCBA can be roughly divided into four main links: SMT patch processing →DIP plug-in processing →PCBA testing → finished product assembly

PCBA processing process

According to the welding pad surface treatment classification: organic weldability protection layer (OSP), nickel metal leaching (ENIG), nickel palladium leaching (ENEPIG), silver Immersion silver, tin immersion.

PCBA processing function test process analysis

PCBA machining functional test process: 1. Functional test plan, 2. Test points, 3. System programming, 4. Test fixture

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