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PCBA process

PCBA Processing How To Avoid PCB Board Warping?

In order to prevent deformation of many electronic products, the thickness of the board is left at 1.0mm, 0.8mm, or even 0.6mm.

PCBA processing difference between patch components and plug-in components

The choice of the number of layers also depends on the type of signal they need to transmit, the signal is divided into high frequency, low frequency, ground or power supply, for applications requiring multi-signal processing, you need multi-layer PCB, th

How do PCBA processors handle humidity sensors correctly?

In the actual processing of damp MSD, is generally baked in accordance with the manufacturer's original packaging bag warning label baking conditions. For components manufacturers do not have corresponding requirements, it is recommended to use high tempe

The whole process of PCB PCBA processing is introduced

After welding parts to use the soldering iron and tin wire, welding will be maintained at a high temperature of the soldering iron contact the part foot to solder, until the temperature rises enough to melt the tin wire temperature, and then add the tin w

PCBA processing lecture hall: the common heat dissipation method of circuit board

the device on the same printed circuit board should be arranged as far as possible according to the size of its heat and the degree of heat dissipation, small heat or poor heat resistance devices (such as small signal transistors, small-scale integrated c

What situations need to use post-welding machining in PCBA processing?

High-end equipment can be attached to precision shaped parts, BGA, QFN, 0201 materials. Also can be template patch, loose material hand. ▪ Sample and size batch can be produced, proofing from 800 yuan, batch 0.008 yuan/point, no start-up fee.

PCBA processing seven-point operating rules

The operating steps of PCBA and components are reduced to a minimum to prevent dangers. In assembly areas where gloves must be used, soiled gloves can cause contamination, so replace them frequently if necessary

How many steps does PCBA process product rework?

After the rework operation is complete, some test acceptance work needs to be done. This can help manufacturers determine the effect of rework, test the quality of electronic products, and verify the reliability of products. Test acceptance can be carried

What information should be provided for PCBA processing production and quotation respectively?

Circuit diagram design: As mentioned earlier, circuit diagram design is the key to electronic machining and has a great impact on PCBA quotation.

PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant function and use precautions

By recording and saving test data, the production process and test results of each product can be traced. If there is a quality problem, the test data can be traced back to the specific production batch and process, and the cause of the problem can be fur

What is the difference between PCBA processing with lead and lead-free process?

The difference between leaded and lead-free processes is that the welding method is different. The lead process uses lead-tin alloy, the welding temperature is low, and the operation is relatively simple. Lead-free process is the use of lead-free solder i

Will PCB be damaged during PCBA processing and assembly?

A few years ago, a colleague contacted me with a question: "How can we weld a plate with a Tg of 180°C or even 200°C at 225-245°C without damaging the plate? Even with lead boards, the peak reflux temperature is much higher than the Tg of the boards....

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