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PCBA process

Efficiency of PCBA processing plant

In order to better choose PCBA processing plant, it is necessary to pay attention to equipment and facilities to have professional PCBA equipment, assembly tracking system, material inspection and scrap facilities; Technical personnel should have emergenc

Related production materials required for pcba processing

PCBA OEM refers to a variety of raw materials used for PCBA OEM, and it can customize PCB board to meet the diversified product needs of customers, the use of advanced automation technology, improve production efficiency, and the product has good reliabil

The related cost of PCBA processing is introduced

How to choose PCBA processing manufacturers: first, whether there is a standard procedure flow; Second, whether the standard is implemented; Third, the time of delivery

How does the PCBA processing plant complete the task quickly and accurately?

PCB fabrication is one of the most important steps for PCBA processing plant to complete the task quickly and accurately, including: the process design of the board, tooling design and production, the production of the circuit board

How does SMT plant guarantee PCBA processing quality?

pcba aging test standards: 1, low temperature work, 2, high temperature work, 3, high temperature and high humidity work

The importance of the first part detection in PCBA processing

The purpose of thawing back temperature: can make the flux and tin powder evenly distributed, so as to give full play to the various characteristics of tin paste; The viscosity and activity of the solder paste after refrigeration are different from that o

PCB board welding requirements in PCBA processing

PCBA processing and welding process requirements for PCB board: 1. Heat resistance, 2. PCB shape, 3. PCB size, 5. PCB process edge, 6. PCB reference identification point, 7. Plate design, 8, can withstand solvent washing

How do PCBA processing plants select high quality reflow soldering?

The heating methods of reflow welding are generally divided into two categories: one is by the red lamp and adapted tube heater; The other type is ceramic plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate heater.

PCBA processing and SMT processing difference

PCBA processing and SMT processing differenceThe whole process of PCBA processing actually includes SMT patch processing. SMT patch processing is only part of the PCBA process, which literally means a wider range of processes

How to select PCBA processing manufacturers that meet the requirements?

Then SMT patch processing plant will generally do what reliability test of PCBA board: 1, push and pull test: 2, FCT test: 3, fatigue test: 4, ICT test: 5, simulation of automobile transportation vibration test: 6, environmental test test: 7, aging test

What materials should be prepared for PCBA processing?

Effective techniques to improve PCB design spread rate and design efficiency: first, PCB board size and wiring layer number need to be determined in the early design, second, automatic wiring tool itself does not know what should be done, third, in the la

pcba processing precautions

PCBA in the manufacturing need to consider the issues :1, automatic production line veneer transmission and positioning elements design,2, PCBA assembly process design,3, component layout design,4, assembly process design

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