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The related cost of PCBA processing is introduced
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The related cost of PCBA processing is introduced

Friends from all industries, good morning! I am a small editor of kingford SMT Patch processing factory. Today, what I want to share with you is the related cost of PCBA processing. Many customers in the PCBA processing industry may only have two words high or low for the quotation given to them by the supplier. This high or low may refer to the previous quotation given by the supplier or the current average price in the industry. So in the PCBA processing, what are the specific costs, today's new electronic Xiaobian is here to discuss with you.

PCBA consists of PCB board, components and component welding (SMT patch /DIP plug-in post-welding). Currently, the prices of PCB board and components in our market are basically open and transparent on all major platforms, which can be compared and referred to. Here, we will not make too many statements, among which there are more disputes about component welding. That is, the cost of all PCBA processing in the industry.

One of the PCBA processing is the cost of auxiliary materials, including: tin paste, tin strip, flux, UV glue, furnace fixture; The quality of solder paste and solder strip is the most important auxiliary material in the whole processing link, especially in the past year or two, in the face of the impact of the lack of core, the cost is high, in different welding area, the required amount is not the same naturally, the cost is not the same.

Then there is the SMT patch processing cost, SMT patch processing according to the number of points and packaging, the price will be different. Large quantity and high price is the consensus of the industry, the larger the component package size, the easier to mount, the corresponding bad quality will be reduced, so the price also has greater room for communication.

Finally, it is the cost of DIP plug-in post-welding processing. Since the link of plug-in materials involves shaped parts and material forming, it needs a lot of manual participation. Since there is no production capacity reference of machines and equipment, this link is the most difficult to control the cost. At the same time, the labor cost is high, and the cost of this link is generally high.

PCB board

2. How to choose PCBA processing manufacturers

Now PCBA processing outsourcing has gradually come into our sight, but for customers, how to find high-quality PCBA processing manufacturers may also become a problem, in the sight of many manufacturers, many people do not know how to make a choice, in fact, you should consider from the following aspects, Finally choose to let themselves at ease with the manufacturer.

First, whether there is a standard procedure flow; In the selection of PCBA processing manufacturers, we should first understand whether the other side has a standardized process, which is itself a rigorous production technology, so for the whole process should also pay attention to, if there is no detailed understanding, of course, will affect the quality of products. For example, in the normal production process, the first thing is to have PFEMA analysis, and then the engineering staff to make strict operating standards, and then into the production stage, of course, this step has some series of quality systems, such as ISO9001,ISO13485 and IATF16949 and other quality systems.

Second, whether the standard is implemented; If you really want to find a more professional PCBA processing manufacturers, we should first look at whether the other side has the implementation of standards, in fact, any enterprise for the corresponding content should be paid attention to, the processing standard itself is a big guarantee after the product is made, if there is no way to meet the corresponding standards, Of course, there is no way to have better qualified products, so if we choose the processing manufacturers can reflect the advantages from all aspects, of course, can bring us good results, generally in the selection of production in the process of each link can not be ignored, especially the content of this small details can not be missed.

Third, the delivery time; Many manufacturers choose PCBA processing manufacturers, perhaps in order to reasonably save their own problems in the process of daily operation, for example, sometimes it may be because of the time, so they will choose processing manufacturers to help themselves, so in the choice of time must value the strength of the other side, if the other side does not have the strength of this aspect, Of course, can not meet the delivery within the specified time, and in the delivery process must also see whether the quality can be guaranteed, these are very important, if you can complete the work within the specified time, but there is no better quality, of course, will have a certain impact, so in the usual selection process, these small details themselves should be paid attention to.

Today, I will temporarily share it with my friends here. For more information about the PCBA processing industry, please lock kingford. Xiaobian will share the professional knowledge of the industry for you here. At the same time, if you also have SMT patch processing, and PCBA processing needs, welcome to call our professional customer service hotline, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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