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PCB circuit board production

SMT patch processing requirements for flux

In the welding process of SMT patch processing, the substance that can purify the welding metal and welding surface and help welding is called flux, referred to as flux.

PCB circuit board production process

The OC48 interface card contains several typical mixed-signal PCB layout and routing problems, the layout and routing process will indicate the sequence and steps to solve the mixed-signal PCB layout solution.

PCB circuit board production camera plate to meet what conditions

With the development of the electronics industry, the demand for printed boards is getting higher and higher. Printed board design of high density, thin wire, small aperture trend faster and faster, printed board production process is becoming more and mo

Detailed back drilling process in PCB circuit board production

In China, the demand for backplanes mainly comes from the communications industry, which is now growing in the field of communications equipment manufacturing.

The importance of electroplating to PCB circuit board production

In this process, all surface areas and boreholes are plated with copper, some resistance is poured on the surface of the unwanted copper, and then etching resistance metal is plated.

Circuit and substrate flush PCB circuit board production process development

If the contact or line on the PCB circuit board needs to contact with the parts over and over again, with the passage of the product office hours, the appearance of the metal will reveal a certain wear, so the contact is not good.

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