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How to select PCBA processing manufacturers that meet the requirements?
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How to select PCBA processing manufacturers that meet the requirements?

PCBA processing is an essential process for electronic products from software and hardware development to product function realization. With the development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming lighter and smaller, and PCBA is gradually becoming high-density and high-performance integration. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for PCBA processing technology. Many customers can only judge the strength of a factory simply from the price and delivery time when choosing pcba processing plants. In fact, this judgment is one-sided, and it is difficult to choose PCBA processing manufacturers that really meet their own needs. Next, Shenzhen PCBA processing manufacturer -kingford- share with you how to choose PCBA processing manufacturers that meet the needs? Hope to bring you some help!

1. PCBA processing equipment

First of all, determine whether the relevant parameters of PCBA processing equipment and production process are in line with their own products. Equipment is the basis of determining productivity and quality of processed products. For example, PCBA involves IC with 0201 or 0.3mm spacing, and some SMT machines are not able to meet this process capability. So processing equipment is the first element we determine whether it is in line with.

2. Environment of PCBA processing plant

This is a link that is easy to ignore when we investigate the PCBA processing plant. It is also a very important link. Under the premise of satisfying the production process, most of them will choose a clean and tidy production enterprise. The state of a healthy environment directly reflects the management of an enterprise and the executive ability of its employees. This is similar to the PCBA processing and production in the later stage. Only by doing a good job of hygiene management can the quality of products be guaranteed. For example: incoming materials, semi-finished products, products to be inspected, finished products are placed in a reasonable and clear way, whether to use turnover cars and electrostatic boxes that help improve product reliability and safety;

3. PCBA processing technical service ability

Choosing a PCBA processing manufacturer is not only a unilateral relationship of cooperation, more important is a technical service on the product. In each PCBA processing link, it is likely that the whole PCBA is defective due to the design problems of product hardware and software. At this time, you need a technical advantage and can provide you with improvement countermeasures helpful PCBA processing manufacturers, in order to solve the problem of immature products in the early stage.

4. PCBA processing and packaging of finished products

PCBA packaging is the last step to effectively ensure product reliability. Some PCBA processing plants believe that PCBA processing is only an intermediate link in the production of finished products, so in order to save costs on packaging and reduce the protection standards of products, resulting in PCBA in the process of transportation caused by collision, the result is to affect the delivery time and quality, so packaging is a major focus can not be neglected.

5. Evaluate the overall strength of PCBA processing plant

Evaluate whether the PCBA manufacturer can provide you with complete service? This may include not only PCBA processing, but also PCB design, component procurement, technical service support, etc. In the selection of PCBA processing plant at the same time, have a fast delivery time is a very important selection factor. If you can't reach the delivery time you want, no matter how good the process and quality are, it will be a waste of time. Be sure to check whether the overall processing capacity is appropriate for the quantity of products you expect to produce each year? Such as how many production lines, how many points per day can be installed, how much precision is installed, how small components can be installed and so on;

6. PCBA processing price and delivery time evaluation

PCBA processing has a transparent market quotation, low price does not mean the better, low price exists to reduce the invisible process, including steel mesh production process, document internal audit conversion, components baking, solder paste brand and so on; These are closely related to welding quality; So, always believe that you get what you pay for. The price is high and within a reasonable budget, it is recommended to choose a processing plant with perfect process flow.

Before the product design is complete, it should be on the agenda to select the PCBA processing plant suitable for you. In this way, the PCB hardware and software design process can be combined with the professional knowledge of PCBA manufacturers to optimize and improve the design method, so as to make the product more accommodating

Easy to manufacture and reduce manufacturing costs.

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2. What reliability tests will PCBA boards be carried out by SMT processing factories?

PCBA is the most core part of electronic products. After SMT patch, DIP plug-in and other processing, it forms the semi-finished product state. In order to ensure the reliability of electronic products, the SMT patch factory will conduct reliability test on PCBA boards before the finished product assembly process. The purpose of reliability test is to reduce the loss of the factory and hidden dangers in the manufacturing process, and to ensure whether the PCBA boards have enough reliability to complete the future work, which will directly affect the future user experience. Therefore, the reliability test of PCBA is an important link to control product quality, which is particularly important. So what kind of reliability test will PCBA board do in SMT processing factory?

1. Push and pull test: after SMT patch welding is completed, components sometimes fall off. In order to analyze the cause of component drop, it is very necessary to analyze the strength of PCBA welding, in order to check whether the strength value of welding between different components and PCB board meets the industry standard.

2. FCT test: IC program firing is required for FCT test, and then PCBA board is connected to load to simulate user input and output. In other words, function detection of PCBA board is carried out to find the problems existing in hardware and software, so as to realize joint adjustment of hardware and software to ensure normal front-end manufacturing and welding.

3. Fatigue test: Fatigue test is mainly to carry out sampling test on PCBA board, simulate the high frequency and long time operation of functions used by users, observe whether failure occurs, judge the probability of failure in the test, and thus feedback the working performance of PCBA board in electronic products.

4. ICT testing: ICT testing mainly involves welding of components, circuit on-off, voltage and current values, wave curve, amplitude and noise testing.

5. Simulation vibration test of automobile transportation: the main purpose is to test the packaging method of the patch processing plant, and whether there will be collision phenomenon in the vibration during the real transportation.

6. Environmental testing: Environmental testing mainly involves exposing PCBA board to the temperature and humidity of the limit value to obtain the test machine sample results, so as to infer the reliability of the whole PCBA board in the operating environment.

7. Aging test: Aging test is to carry out a long time power-on test on the PCBA board, simulate the use of users, keep it working and observe whether there is any failure failure, after aging test, electronic products can be sold normally.

The reliability test of PCBA is at the back end of the processing process, and the defects of PCBA can be found in time at the last stage, so as to facilitate the adjustment of SMT patch processing and DIP plug-in processing of the front-end process and optimize the internal process. Through the PCBA reliability test, the PCBA board with problems can be repaired, and the PCBA board with no problems can be shipped to the customer, which can greatly improve the product quality, meet the needs of customers and gain their trust.

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