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PCB circuit board industry term

Special substrate printed circuit board Metal substrate (aluminum base, copper base, iron base or invar steel), ceramic substrate, according to its characteristics, use can be made of metal (ceramic) based single, double, multi-layer printed circuit board

New environmental protection regulations promote the healthy development of the circuit board industry

In view of the fact that green production is becoming more and more the standard of PCB manufacturers, and it is also actively promoted from the national policy level, the exhibition has launched a "green environmental protection zone" since 201...

Analysis of advantages of laser marking in the application of PCB circuit board industry

In the PCB industry using laser marking two-dimensional code technology, can realize PCB production, process, quality traceability, and realize the automation, intelligent management requirements.

Post-epidemic era, how to develop the printed circuit board industry

especially since The State Council issued Several Policies to Promote the High Quality Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry and Software Industry in the New Era this year, the integrated circuit industry has become a new industry tuyere.

PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions

PCB is one of the important components of the electronic industry, the industrial output value accounts for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, the largest proportion in each electronic component subdivision industry

PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions

From the development trend of various regions in the world, after large-scale restructuring, migration and technological upgrading, domestic PCB and FPC production and processing enterprises seize the opportunity of transferring electronic products to the

Present situation and future trend of printed circuit board industry

Printed circuit board is a bridge that carries electronic components and connects circuits. It is widely used and is an indispensable electronic component in modern electronic information products.

The 5G+IoT wave comes, and the flexible circuit board industry ushers in a new blue ocean

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain that the 5G+IoT wave is coming, and the flexible circuit board industry ushers in a new blue ocean

Raw materials in the circuit board industry rose, and cost control was not optimistic

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors explain that raw materials in PCB industry are rising, and cost control is not optimistic

Solution of laser marking machine in circuit board industry

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain the solutions of laser marking machine in PCB industry

Review and prospect of China's printed circuit board industry

Kingford is a PCB company engaged in the production and assembly of circuit boards. We not only sell PCBA, but also have many strategies related to PCB design and PCB proofing. Next, let me introduce you to some matters related to PCB.

How PCB manufacturers choose lead-free solder

This paper introduces how PCB manufacturers choose lead-free solder

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