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PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions
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PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions

PCB is one of the important components of the electronic industry, the industrial output value accounts for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, the largest proportion in each electronic component subdivision industry, and flexible PCB board (FPC) is one of the fastest growing sub-industries in the PCB industry. From the development trend of various regions in the world, after large-scale restructuring, migration and technological upgrading, domestic PCB and FPC production and processing enterprises seize the opportunity of transferring electronic products to the domestic market, which further increases the proportion of domestic circuit board output value in the international market.


At the same time, the development of the circuit board industry, injet machine plays a decisive role in the production line. In order to prevent counterfeiting in the same industry and to effectively manage regional sales, manufacturers will use high-tech security means to identify their products. At this stage, the common use of ink inkjet machine, some problems continue to highlight: such as consumable consumption, high cost, the need for professional maintenance personnel, marking effect is easy to erase changes, high pollution problems.


Circuit board laser marking machine

With people's attention to environmental protection, laser marking is more and more prominent than the traditional inkjet marking advantages, laser marking can be processed serial number and two-dimensional code, to record the relevant production information, easy to trace the entire process of electronic products and quality control. In the PCB industry, laser labeling applications are showing a rapid growth trend.


The traditional coding methods of PCB circuit board are labeling or inkjet marking, which have many drawbacks in the process of processing.


Circuit board laser wiping machine is a new type of circuit board cleaning equipment developed by Creative laser, replacing the traditional fiber bar wiping machine and eraser machine. Laser wiping machine output laser, and then through the ultra-high speed scanning mirror system to realize circuit board cleaning function, mainly used in the U disk circuit board, camera circuit board, card reader circuit board and other surface cleaning, circuit board conductive performance is stronger, better contact, better effect, and wipe board speed is 10 times the speed of traditional manual wipe board.


Sample of PCB circuit board laser wipe board

Disadvantages of traditional processing methods:

1, through chemical reagents to clean;

Clean with chemical reagents. This method has a certain pollution to the environment, but also exists after cleaning can not completely remove the moisture in the PCB matrix, resulting in the hidden danger of short circuit or leakage of products after the state.

2. Manually erase by hand;

Manual erasure using rubber blocks or fiber sticks. The disadvantage of this method is that the working intensity of workers is large, the enthusiasm is not high, the production efficiency is low, especially after cleaning PCB SMT, the cleaning quality is very unstable, and needs a lot of manpower.

3, through the wiping machine this automatic equipment to erase;

4.Erasing machine with circular rubber strip or fiber strip erasing method. This method is the use of electricity instead of human wiping board, greatly reducing the intensity of the work of workers; High production efficiency, compared with the workers using the force to wipe the plate operation mode, improve the production efficiency of more than 3 times; Different cleaning technical parameters can be selected according to different degrees of oxidation layer and fouling of PCB; With a circular rubber or fiber strip, electric wiping machine vertical high-speed rotation cleaning operation mode, to ensure the quality of cleaning.


Advantages of laser processing

1.WINDOWS2000 Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and understand;

2. Accurate CCD image visual instruction to achieve fast programming;

3. Any point, three-dimensional straight line, arc and other irregular lines or surface continuous wipe plate;

4. High speed, low noise speed DC brushless motor makes the wiping effect better;

5. Strong dust collecting device;

6 electrostatic eliminator can eliminate electrostatic within ±100V;

7. Wipe plate strength automatic compensation function, make the operation more convenient;



With the continuous advancement of LED industry, LED lighting industry has become one of the important industries of energy conservation and emission reduction. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the accessories aluminum substrate of this product? The following Xiaobian for you four skills, I hope to help you.

1, appearance, whether the product front scratch copper phenomenon, whether the ink is inferior, whether according to the ink proportion to deploy.

2. Line, what is the thickness of copper platinum of the line of this product? Whether the line of the product is pressed with other metal, the line determines that the product is unable to withstand the current.

3, insulation layer, the insulation layer of the aluminum substrate product using what kind of resin or other insulation layer, what kind of insulation layer determines the thermal conductivity of the product. The insulation thickness of the product is how much, different insulating layer thickness withstand pressure is not the same.

4, aluminum, the thickness of the product is how much aluminum is pure, whether after anodic treatment, the purity of aluminum is different, the heat dissipation coefficient is different, whether in the production is etched water corrosion, circuit board is not only the line, but also determines how long the product can be used, whether it is safe, just like human blood vessels.


PCB aluminum substrate is composed of circuit layer, thermal insulation layer and metal base. The circuit layer (that is, copper foil) is usually etched to form a printed circuit, so that the components are connected to each other, under normal circumstances, the circuit layer requires a great current carrying capacity, so the thicker copper foil should be used, the thickness is generally 35μm~280μm; The thermal insulation layer is the core technology of PCB aluminum substrate. It is generally composed of special polymer filled with special ceramics. It has low thermal resistance, excellent viscoelastic ability, thermal aging resistance, and can withstand mechanical and thermal stress. The metal base is the supporting member of the aluminum base plate, which requires high thermal conductivity. It is generally aluminum base plate, and copper plate can also be used (copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for drilling, punching, shearing and cutting and other conventional mechanical processing. PCB material has incomparable advantages compared with other materials. Suitable for power module surface mount SMT process. Without radiator, the volume is greatly reduced, the heat dissipation effect is excellent, good insulation and mechanical properties.

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