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Common bad causes of PCBA welding resistance film

The solder resistance design between the pad and the pad, and the solder resistance graphic specifications should conform to the design of the welding end distribution of specific components; If the open window block welding between the pad and the pad ca

High heat resistance and heat dissipation requirements

One of the solutions chosen is the development of thermal conductive printed circuit boards. Heat and heat dissipation of PCB is the primary condition of substrate heat resistance and heat dissipation.

Cause of blistering in solder resistance of PCB circuit board

PCB welding resistance blistering is a problem that many PCB factories inevitably appear in the processing of PCB, so what causes the welding resistance blistering? The following is for you to sort out the introduction.

Welding resistance film design skills

pcb board and aluminum base board are designed in accordance with the requirements of pcb board. At present, aluminum base pcb board in the market is generally single-sided aluminum base board, pcb board is a large type, aluminum base board is only a type

Study on PCB welding resistance design for PCBA manufacturability

It can be seen that the coordination between welding aid and welding resistance pad design plays a decisive role in improving PCBA manufacturability and welding pass-through rate.

Do you fully understand the role of impedance matching and zero ohm resistance in PCB design?

When the power supply or ground short circuit is found during debugging, the zero ohm resistance can be removed to narrow the search range.

Understand the difference and function of PCB welding aid layer and welding resistance layer

In the process of PCB high-speed signal circuit design and wiring, engineers need to shorten the lead between the pins of high-speed circuit devices as much as possible.

PCB design company analyzes the role of matching resistance in PCB board design

PCB design impedance matching: PCB design impedance matching refers to a suitable collocation between the signal source or transmission line and the load. According to the access mode PCB design impedance matching has serial and parallel two ways; Accordi

Solder resistance film repair method when repairing PCB

There are several repair methods that are specific to the purpose of assembly, cost, and complexity of the solder mask required to be repaired.

PCBA processing welding resistance film common causes of bad

Common bad reasons for PCBA welding resistance film processing :1. Welding pad and through hole connection. 2. Solder resistance design between pad and pad, solder resistance graphic specifications should conform to the design of welding end distribution

PCB design: Quick estimation of resistance value of wire

The most important material for printed circuit boards is copper, from which most boards are made.

Why do we need solder resistance layer and electroplating gold and silver on PCB board?

PCB surface needs to be welded components, so a part of the copper layer needs to be exposed for welding. These exposed layers of copper are called pads. The pad is generally rectangular or circular, and the area is small.

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