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Development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production and processing
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Development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production and processing

Development prospects of automotive electronics PCB Assembly production and processing

Those who do automotive electronics PCB Assembly often come into contact with some saying that our products are in the pre-installation market or the after-installation market, so what exactly is the pre-installation market and after-installation market of automotive electronics PCBA? The pre-installation market means that the car is installed on the car before it leaves the factory, and the after-installation market is the addition of the car after it leaves the factory. In a broad sense, all modifications after the car leaves the factory are called after-installation.

The current market situation of automotive electronics PCBA is that the pre-installation market is matched by the vehicle market itself, and the suppliers are generally subsidiaries or holding companies of their own companies. After the vehicle is formalized, other suppliers generally have difficulty Then enter the supply chain system of the OEM.

Automotive electronics PCBA

Relatively speaking, the aftermarket is not that complicated. Moreover, the aftermarket is mainly oriented towards modification, such as the addition of a reversing sensor, anti-fatigue driving, lane departure warning, OBU on the car end, etc. for low-end models.

According to data analysis, the aftermarket is mainly based on the auxiliary equipment connected to the vehicle network.

Especially in recent years, the rapid spread of 5G technology has led to the application of the Internet of Things, high-speed Internet of Vehicles as a mature industry field and the decline of the Internet field with the largest number of highly connected cars, and the rapid penetration of the popular Internet of Things industry.

What is V2X? What are the prospects for future development?

According to the definition data of China Traditional Automobile Development Industry Association on vehicles equipped with V2X functions, it is equipped with advanced on-board sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices, which are integrated into modern social communication and network management technologies to realize vehicle-to-vehicle X (people, vehicles, roads, background, etc.) intelligence-related information exchange resource sharing, with very complex environmental impact perception, intelligent analysis and decision-making, collaborative cost control and execution, etc., can achieve national security, comfort, energy saving, and efficient driving , and eventually a new generation of cars that can replace people to operate. According to 2019 statistics, the global V2X market size is $90 billion, and it is estimated that by 2022, the global V2X market size is expected to exceed $165 billion.

automotive electronics PCB Assembly

The entire V2X integrates data collection, data analysis, data processing, decision-making control, etc.

It is equivalent to the core brain of the automatic driving system. As a PCBA processing factory, what we can provide customers with is PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT patch processing, and subsequent assembly and testing links. At present, our PCBA factory has also received a lot of automotive electronic products, many of which have very high functions and practical value. This product is of great significance to the development and growth of our Chinese auto market. As China's 5G technology takes global weight, when the 5G era comes, China's Internet of Vehicles products and market will definitely be able to flourish

Under the development trend of today's society, the construction of ecological civilization construction and the management of ecological environment protection have become more and more urgent, because the ecological environment is directly related to the social reproduction of human beings and is the life project of future generations. In response to environmental protection measures, autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have gradually become popular. Well-known domestic and foreign companies in this regard include Tesla, BYD, Weilai Automobile, etc., which directly drive the growth of customer orders for automotive electronics PCBA processing manufacturers. In addition, because of the high requirements on the reliability of automotive electronic PCBA processing, the threshold for automotive electronic PCBA processing is relatively high, and the profit margin is also very considerable. Regarding the development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production and processing, I will make a simple analysis for you, for reference only.

(1) Autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have greatly increased the use of automotive printed circuit boards. With the gradual transition from traditional vehicles to autonomous vehicles, and the promotion of new energy vehicles supported by policies, in order to adapt to the application of new technologies, automotive PCB electronics The demand for control boards continues to increase, and the use ofutomotive PCBsa is becoming more and more extensive. It is expected that in the future, with the improvement and popularization of technology, the level of automotive intelligence will be further improved.

(2) Millimeter-wave radar has created a huge demand for high-frequency PCB circuit boards. At present, millimeter-wave radar is in the stage of high-speed development, and the average value of vehicles using millimeter-wave radar is expected to continue to increase in the future. And the radar high-frequency circuit has a high demand for PCB circuit board materials and manufacturing processes. Therefore, the automotive radar pcb board will generate higher added value for the pcba processing and manufacturing industry.

(3) New energy vehicle power battery BMS technology has great potential for upgrading Battery management system (BATTERYMANAGEMENT SYSTEM), battery management system (BMS) is the link between the battery and the user, the main target is the secondary battery, mainly to improve the utilization rate of the battery and prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging. As one of the hardware foundations of BMS, PCB circuit board components will also benefit from its industry development. At present, the use area of pcbs in luxury cars is about 2-3 square meters. Assuming that the use area of new energy car pcbs is 2 square meters, 2000 yuan per square meter, the global market size of new energy car pcbs in 2020 will be 16.4 billion yuan .

(4) The entry threshold for automotive printed circuit board processing is high Leading PCBA processing manufacturers have a huge first-mover advantage. Due to the special working environment and high current requirements of automobiles, their requirements for PCB circuit board reliability and environmental adaptability are very strict, which also indirectly leads to high thresholds for PCBA processing. According to people in the automotive industry, zero defective rate is the basic requirement of international major manufacturers for PCBA suppliers, and it also determines whether they can enter the field of automotive PCB processing. Due to the high entry threshold for automotive PCBs, automakers generally do not change the certified suppliers they are cooperating with at will. Therefore, once PCBA processing manufacturers can successfully enter the supply chain of major international manufacturers, it will not only bring long-term and stable orders to the company, but also bring relatively ample growth space for the company's operations due to the characteristics of high threshold industries. Therefore, the first-mover advantage of leading enterprises is very obvious.

From the above content, we can see that due to the special working environment and high current characteristics of new energy vehicles, the requirements for the reliability and environmental adaptability of PCB circuit boards are very strict, which also indirectly leads to the high threshold of PCBA processing Shenzhen Kingford Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known PCBA processing manufacturer in China. The company actively introduces domestic and foreign electronic patch processing equipment, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and IATF16949 automotive industry quality system.

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