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SMT patch

Smt patch machine online programming tutorial and re - editing tutorial

All SMT machines can be programmed with manual input. In the mounting list of programming software, after entering the bit number (RefID) of the component, select the component database code of the component, input the x, y coordinates and rotation Angle

CIMS is applied in SMT patch processing and production

Many equipments in SMT line are automatic equipments controlled by computer, which makes it possible for cad/cam integrated system to be constructed by computer aided manufacturing.

SMT patch processing development status in China

Looking ahead, TAMURA's lead-free solder paste has been gradually replaced by leaded solder paste, and low silver solder paste has been developed to fill the automotive electronics gap; A variety of MALCOM SMT peripheral testing equipment is continuously

SMT patch processing is a very complex process

coating thickness: if you want to get a thicker coating, by coating two layers of thin coating to obtain, and must be in the first layer of completely cured before allowed to coat the second layer; the thickness of the film layer: the addition of diluent

What is the preparation work before SMT patch processing?

The workshop supervisor of SMT patch processing and production shall reasonably arrange the workshop plan according to the weekly and monthly plan of PMC department and the material supply situation, and arrange the elongation of each line body and techni

SMT patch processing needs to pay attention to several standard problems

The first point: size error problem second point: component offset problem third point: temperature control problem Fourth point: PCB board surface treatment problem

Chemically etched SMT patch processing template

On pre-tinned PCB, the porosity of BGA joint increases with the increase of solvent volatility, metal composition and melting temperature, and also with the decrease of powder size.

SMT patch introduction

SMT patch introductionSMT patch refers to the abbreviation of a series of process processes processed on the basis of PCB. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a printed circuit board.SMT is Surface Mount Technology (Surface Mount Technology) (abbreviation for

SMT patch component removal trick

The disassembly method of SMT patch components depends on the characteristics of the components themselves. For components with fewer pins such as resistors, capacitors, diodes or triodes, one of the pads is first welded to the PCB circuit board

The first piece detects operation on the SMT patch

The first piece detects operation on the SMT patchThe first piece detection is an essential mechanism in the production and processing process of PCBA contracted work and materials. In the production process of PCBA, the first piece detection can help peo

The PCB assembly factory tells you the calculation of SMT patch processing points

​The calculation of SMT chip processing points is the main basis for the calculation of processing costs. Many customers who have only come into contact with the SMT processing industry do not know how to calculate the price.

Process flow of SMT patch

Process flow of SMT patchIn order to allow us to develop better and learn more about product device information, the company specially arranged for us to go to the raw material supplier to learn the process flow of SMT placement. The sharing information i

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