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PCB factory introduces the working principle of mobile power circuit board

The mobile power supply plays a role of small body and large function, which needs to be regulated by a special circuit through voltage conversion to achieve charging support for special products.

PCB factory to share PCB circuit board wiring matters to pay attention to

Whether the edge of the outer frame of the power supply layer in the multi-layer board is reduced, such as the copper foil of the power supply layer is exposed outside the board, which is easy to cause short circuit.

Basic situation of fully automated PCB factory

Basic situation of fully automated PCB factory1. Brief introduction of fully automatic PCB factoryThere is one factory in the US - Whelen Engineering, a manufacturer of sirens and sirens located in New Hampshire. Because it costs them $7 million a year to

The PCB factory analyses the difference between gold plate and gold plate

Gold is many times longer so everyone is happy to use it. Moreover, the cost of gold-plated PCB at the sampling stage is almost the same as that of lead-tin alloy plate.

PCB factory manufacturing process factors

PCB copper wire falling off (also often said copper dumping) is bad, PCB factories are said to be the problem of laminate, requiring its production factory to bear bad losses.

Cause and countermeasure analysis of PCB factory epoxy floor paint bulges

There is no significant relationship between the generation of bulge and construction area, the same area some severe, some light, some intact.

How to organize the basic ERP data of PCB factory?

ERP project implementation success depends on three points of technology, seven points of management, twelve points of data. Visible, ERP system in the importance of basic data collation.

PCB factory Fufu 20% cash reduction case declaration effective Fufu Electronics Co.

The director of Fufu Electronics pointed out today that this cash reduction plan is expected to be implemented in the fourth quarter after the completion of various application procedures to the competent authorities.

PCB factory explains the advantages of PCB layout software

PCB processing factory explains the advantages of PCB layout software, and how to select PCB design software

PCB factory explains why PCB layout preparation is important

PCB processing and PCB assembly factory explain that these requirements can be met by using the most effective component placement and PCB layout without affecting its electronic functions

PCB factory: impedance matching and sharing in HDI PCB design

Circuit board design and circuit board processing manufacturer explain: impedance matching method sharing in HDI PCB design

PCB factory: high-speed PCB design sharing based on Cadence

PCB processing and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain Cadence based high-speed PCB design sharing

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