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Industry news
PCB factory Fufu 20% cash reduction case declaration effective Fufu Electronics Co.
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PCB factory Fufu 20% cash reduction case declaration effective Fufu Electronics Co.

LTD., a PCB factory in Shanghai, decided by the shareholders' meeting to carry out a 20% cash reduction plan to return to shareholders. Today, it is reported to the Securities Bureau of Financial Management Commission to take effect. The director of Fufu Electronics pointed out today that this cash reduction plan is expected to be implemented in the fourth quarter after the completion of various application procedures to the competent authorities.

At present, the main production line is in Guizhou, Guangdong Province. At present, the capital stock of Fufu Electronics is NT $1 billion. After the completion of cash reduction, the capital stock of Fufu Electronics is reduced to NT $800 million. Original shareholders will receive a cash refund of NT $2 per share.

In the first half of 2015, Fufu reported an after-tax loss of T $22.4 million, or T $0.22 per share.

PCB equipment factory Yaobang Q4 revenue gradually stabilized

In 2014, the PCB industry of Anshan amt tends to recover, while the performance of equipment factories has shown upward growth. For example, PCB process exposure equipment factory Sichuan Technology (1595-TW) and process equipment factory Yaobang Technology (2493-TW) have accumulated after-tax surplus in the first and third quarters exceeding the whole year of 2013. The performance of Yaobang Technology in the fourth quarter showed a stable trend. Yaobang announced today that the revenue in November was 206 million yuan, which also grew by 28.5% compared with the same month last year.

Mambo Technology's revenue from January to November 2014 was 2.164 billion yuan, up 7.42% from 2.014 billion yuan in the same period last year.

Although the equipment industry in the fourth quarter is going to the off-season, in 2015, the expansion demand of HDI process and soft board factory is still strong, which is the main driving force to promote the performance of equipment factory.

Mambo Technology in the first three quarters of 2014 official financial results showed that the after-tax surplus of the first three quarters of 2014 was 272 million yuan, also compared to the same period last year's financial results of 217 million yuan significantly growth of 24.99%. The after-tax surplus in 2014 was 79.58 million yuan, and the after-tax surplus per share was 0.69 yuan, which was the new low in the single quarter since this year, mainly related to the structure of the revenue in the three quarters. However, Mambo Technology in 2014 three quarters of after-tax surplus 79.58 million yuan is still compared to the same period last year 55.99 million yuan growth of 42.14%.

Due to the expansion of capital expenditure of PCB plants, the demand for the expansion of high level HDI process is deepening, so far Mambo Technology has received orders until 2015.

PCB process exposure equipment factory Sichuan Technology in 2014 three quarters of the financial report content shows that its three quarters of after-tax surplus is significantly better than market expectations, with 107 million yuan hit the history of the second highest quarterly profit, and Sichuan Technology in 2014 in the first three quarters of after-tax surplus as high as 299 million yuan, per share after-tax surplus 7.73 yuan. At the same time, the after-tax surplus of Sichuan Technology in the first three quarters of 2014 was as high as 299 million yuan, which has exceeded the annual net profit of 241 million yuan in 2013. Section, one book, guarantee quality,We ya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides circuit schematic design, SCM development, PCB Layout, board copying, high-speed PCB design, SI simulation analysis and PCB design related training. In order to share our customers' worries, we also provide a series of complete solutions such as component procurement, PCB sample processing and amt welding. You only need a phone call to solve it


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