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SMT patch

Causes of poor welding during SMT patch processing

At present, some manufacturers use non-contact machine vision inspection method for PCB board inspection, this technology because of the high speed and high precision of non-contact measurement and detection, has been trusted by these manufacturers, it ca

What are the requirements of the solder paste printing process for the SMT patch factory

when printing, it is also necessary to use high-precision printing presses and precise printing technologies, such as holographic projection technology and linear motor technology. Only through strict process control can high quality electronic products b

What pre-production work should be done for SMT patch processing?

First of all, to perform SMT patch processing, you need to have a dedicated patch machine. Before you start processing, you need to check the state of the mounter and make sure it can operate properly. Checking the condition of the mounter includes cleani

What are the reasons that affect the solder joint glossiness in SMT patch processing

The state of the equipment will also have an impact on the gloss of the solder joint. The cleanliness and maintenance state of the equipment are crucial to the quality of welding. If there is contamination, ash accumulation or damage to the equipment, it

SMT patch processing need to pay attention to several standard issues

SMT patch processing need to pay attention to several standard issuesWith the continuous development of modern science and technology, SMT chip processing technology is also more and more widely used in various fields. However, in the process of SMT patch

Several points to note in the process of SMT patch processing

In PCBA processing, the skills and experience of employees are also very important. We need to train our employees regularly to ensure that they are up to date with the latest processes and technologies. This helps to improve the technical level and produ

What are the solder paste processes in SMT patch discussed

Inspection and quality control: In the SMT patch processing process, the inspection and quality control of the solder paste process is essential. Common methods include solder paste viscosity test, solder joint appearance inspection and solder joint relia

What are the solder paste processes in SMT patch processing?

It should be noted that different PCBS and components may require different solder paste process parameters. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to adjust and optimize the process parameters according to the specific situation.

SMT patch processing eliminates the opportunity for misalignment

The Chinese name of SMT chip processing (PCB) is called "printed circuit board", also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, is the provider of e...

How does the SMT patch electronic component work?

For highly sensitive prototypes or components, we have a special gas phase welding process. In this process, the plate is heated until it reaches the specific melting point of the solder paste (Gordon). This allows us to weld at lower temperatures, or sol

How to handle SMT patch element type?

To combat this growing phenomenon, researchers and manufacturers must compete with traffickers to be creative and find new strategies to fight.

How to deal with this counterfeit SMT patch element type case

Computer USB keys are something to talk about in 2016. The device is equipped with a DC-DC converter and capacitors responsible for connecting to send waste to the landfill, thus breaking the PC components. A Hong Kong company has copied the key and sold

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