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Five PCB integrated circuit assembly methods

it is difficult to assemble, and sometimes it will damage integrated circuit and PCB board. Here summarizes several effective integrated circuit assembly methods for your reference.

Five common sense things to know in the PCB industry

This should always be done when acquiring these products from any good printed circuit board company. However, it's important for you to know why it's so important to have clean printed boards and what happens when you allow them to get dirty.

Chinese PCB is in the critical period of iteration upgrade

At present, the global PCB enterprises are mainly distributed in China, Japan, South Korea and other places. The downstream application field of PCB industry is very wide, which is less affected by a single industry, so it is relatively dispersed, with ma

What are the PCB inspection standards

For PCBS that have been identified as keyboards in the device, these key characteristic parameters and indicators must be centralised and checked from the head in addition to regular inspection. To the toes.

PCB impedance board impedance line design

where the capacitor in the circuit to AC current obstruction effect is called capacitive reactance, inductance in the circuit to AC current obstruction effect is called inductive reactance, capacitance and inductance in the circuit to AC current caused by

Cause analysis and solution of PCB inner short circuit

In the manufacture of high density packaging structure such as BGA for PCB raw materials technical requirements, special analysis should be carried out carefully, the selection of substrate and copper foil thermal expansion coefficient basically to match.

PCB industry reshuffle accelerates

Most of the existing sites of manufacturers are small, and the investment amount is also relatively large, so that many small and medium-sized PCB enterprises to introduce robots to complete the automation hope and stop.

The accelerated development of PCB industry

No matter how developed the market is, PCBS are the most frequently used demand in production and an integral part of the electronics industry.

The circuit board on which the PCB is based

The next stage is product implementation. At this stage, product documentation is collected and compiled, including all manuals, catalogs, and related product documentation.

Brief discussion on several important technical properties of PCB ink

PCB ink quality is excellent, in principle can not be separated from the combination of the above major components. Ink quality is excellent, is the formula of science, advanced and environmental protection of the comprehensive embodiment.

The basic method to minimize RF effect in PCB interconnect design

This paper introduces various techniques of the three types of interconnect design, including device installation methods, wiring isolation and measures to reduce lead inductance.

Current situation of pcb industry

communication backplane, automotive board and other fields is relatively slow, while the HDI board, packaging board and soft board applied in high-end mobile phones, laptops and other "thin and short" electronic products will maintain rapid grow...

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