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PCBA welding

Common bad causes of PCBA welding resistance film

The solder resistance design between the pad and the pad, and the solder resistance graphic specifications should conform to the design of the welding end distribution of specific components; If the open window block welding between the pad and the pad ca

The causes and solutions of PCBA welding point pulling

The tip of the solder joint may also be related to the poor connection between the leading end of the Component and the PCB pad. If the connection is poor, it will lead to the internal solder joint is not tight enough, and when the solder joint experience

The reason and solution of PCBA welding joint pulling tip

First, to perform SMT SMT processing, you need to have a dedicated SMT machine. Before you begin processing, you need to check the state of the patch machine and ensure that it is working properly. Checking the condition of the patch machine includes clea

SMT processing materials on the PCBA welding quality of those

SMT processing materials on the PCBA welding quality of the impact of the following: 1, the impact of components, 2, PCB, 3, the impact of solder paste

Reasons and solutions for PCBA welding spot pulling

PCBA processing and welding process is mainly divided into three parts: one is SMT reflow welding, two is DIP wave welding, three is manual soldering iron welding

Measures to reduce surface tension and viscosity in PCBA welding

The main measures to reduce the surface tension and viscosity in PCBA welding process are as follows: (1) increase the temperature, (2) adjust the proportion of metal alloy, (3) increase the active agent, and (4) improve the PCBA welding process environme

PCBA welding processing requirements for PCB board

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the special process and facilitate the PCBA welding process, PCB board must meet the manufacturability requirements in dimensions, pad distance and other aspects

How to reduce the surface tension and viscosity in PCBA welding

Pay attention to the wiring of signal lines under the magnetic beads, between the pads and those that may come into contact with the magnetic beads. Some magnetic beads conduct electricity quite well and may produce unexpected conductive paths.

Automatic pcba welding process

In the dispensing process, the technical parameters of the patch glue and the dispensing machine can be changed as follows: (1) the rheology of the patch glue. (2) The initial adhesive strength of the patch adhesive. (3) glue point contour. (4) glue point

Process analysis of PCBA welding cooling

We should start from the design of PCBA lead-free products to consider the compatibility between lead-free materials, lead-free and design, lead-free and process compatibility; Give full consideration to heat dissipation; Carefully select PCB board, pad s

How to prevent PCBA welding defects

In the production process, it can be prevented in the following ways: 1, moisture-proof storage of components, 2, select good quality solder paste, 3, adjust printing parameters of false welding and false welding problems, 4, control the welding time, 5,

What are the requirements of PCBA welding for PCB board

PCBA welding processing, usually PCB board has a lot of requirements, and must meet the requirements of the board to accept welding processing.

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