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PCB circuit boards

How can PCB circuit boards distinguish good from bad from appearance?

With the rapid development of high-tech industries such as mobile phones, electronics, communications, and autonomous driving, the PCB circuit board industry has largely driven the continuous expansion and rapid growtothe circuit board industry, and peopl

Soldering requirements for PCB circuit boards in PCB assembly

PCBA welding processing, there are usually many requirements for the PCBA board, and the requirements must be met in order to weld.Then why does the welding process need so many requirements for the PCBA board?

Analysis of anti-interference prevention methods of PCB circuit boards

The level of viscosity is of great concern to the smoothness or not of screen printing. Therefore, in the PCB ink technical documents and QC reports, the viscosity is clearly marked, indicating under what conditions, what type of viscosity testing equipme

Three basic signal grounding methods in PCB circuit boards

PCB production process is more complex, it involves a wide range of processes, from simple machining to complex machining, there are ordinary chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemistry and other processes, computer-aided design C

Definition and classification of single-sided flexible PCB circuit boards

From passive components to active components and integrated circuits, all eventually become surface mount devices (SMDS) and can be assembled by pick-up and drop devices. For a long time it was thought that all pin components could eventually be packaged

Advantages and disadvantages of different surface treatments of PCB circuit boards

Nickel gold is a kind of surface treatment technology with large application. Remember: nickel layer is nickel phosphorus alloy layer, which is divided into high phosphorus nickel and middle phosphorus nickel according to phosphorus content.

Common impedance pcb circuit boards

Common impedance pcb circuit boardsDefinition of Impedance: In a circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance, the hindrance to the current in the circuit is called impedance. Impedance is often represented by Z, which is a complex number. The real

How to maintain PCB circuit boards to extend the service life?

With the rise of the electronic industry, circuit board production and development has become a more and more important part of PCB proofing a circuit board is not simple, easy to say.

PCB circuit boards throw copper common three main causes

ircuit board defect detection includes two parts: solder spot defect detection and component detection. The traditional detection adopts manual detection method, which is easy to miss detection, slow detection speed, long detection time and high cost, and

What are the common surface treatment processes of PCB circuit boards

At the same time, it must be easily removed by flux quickly in the subsequent welding high temperature for welding. OSP process is simple, low cost, widely used in PCB manufacturers.

EMI design specification steps for PCB circuit boards

Experienced power developers know that EMI suppression in the PCB design process can save a lot of time for EMI suppression design in the final process to the greatest extent. This article will explain to you the specification steps in PCB EMI design, int

Five methods to improve the quality of PCB circuit boards for vehicles are recommended

Attention should be paid to the wiring of signal lines under magnetic beads, between pads and those that may come into contact with magnetic beads. Some magnetic beads conduct electricity quite well and may produce unexpected conductive paths.

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