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PCB circuit boards

Cooling tips for PCB circuit boards

To evaluate the heat dissipation capacity of PCB, it is necessary to calculate the equivalent thermal conductivity (9EQ) of the insulating substrate for PCB, which is composed of various materials with different thermal conductivity.

What are the characteristics of PCB circuit boards that are widely used?

he system speed can be greatly reduced because of the increase of delay time caused by the delay of 2ns per 30cm line length of the common interconnect on the baseboard. Image shift register synchronization counter.

Explain the storage and shelf life of PCB circuit boards

the temperature reproducibility can be obtained through multiple tests, so as to systematically evaluate the performance of the press.

Five general types of PCB circuit boards are introduced

Five general types of PCB circuit boards: single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards

Why do PCB circuit boards need to have a place to test?

Basically, the goal of setting up the test area is to test the components on the circuit board for specification and weldability.

The four elements of characteristic impedance are developed in the manufacture of pcb circuit boards

Although the miniaturization trend makes it more challenging, it is possible to use multiple connector groups on two PCB boards by using best design practices.

There are several processes of sun block welding for PCB circuit boards

Sunblock welding process can be roughly divided into three operating procedures:The first step is exposure. The second step is developing. The third operation process repair board.

What materials and classification do pcb circuit boards have?

Copper clad plate is the basic material of electronic industry, mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of printed circuit board (PCB), widely used in TV, radio, computer, computer, mobile phone, communication and other electronic products.

What are the common problems of PCB circuit boards? It is good to know these for your PCB design

Poor insulation of copper wire will lead to arc between copper wire and copper wire. Too close between the copper trace and the path, it is easy to short-circuit risk; The lack of thickness of the circuit board can lead to bending and breaking.

Current development trend of PCB circuit boards

The PCB industry has been shifting its focus to Asia, gradually forming a new pattern with Asia as the center and other regions as the auxiliary. The Asian continent has become the main production base of PCB and its high-end products HDI in the world.

Basic knowledge of PCB circuit boards

it is at least attached with a conductive graphic, and cloth holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallization holes, etc.), used to replace the chassis of the previous device electronic components, and realize the mutual connection between e

The difference between positive and negative PCB circuit boards

Circuit board negative circuit or copper surface is transparent, positive circuit or copper surface is black

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