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Board Design

PCB Board Design Process Ten Defects Summary

Defects in the PCB board design process will bring huge hidden dangers to the finished product.

Summary of practical tips for high frequency PCB board design

The above is for everyone to share the PCB board interconnect high frequency PCB design skills, if you are familiar with these methods, you can understand the use of back copper-covered coplanar microstrip design than strip line design is more economical

Smart bracelet PCB board design precautions

A smart bracelet is usually composed of a radio frequency circuit unit, a clock circuit unit, a memory circuit unit, a sensor circuit unit and a main control MCU unit, etc., and the circuit PCB is usually concentrated in a small range, single-sided or dou

Five key points of PCB board design

PCB circuit board is the basic electronic components of all electronic circuit design, and the design of PCB circuit board is also a must understand for makers. The role of PCB is not only to combine scattered components, but also to ensure the regularity

What does a multi-layer PCB look like? High-end PCB board design process

Layout engineers think about it! No longer afraid of not painting!Think about purchasing want to cry, more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary through hole plate! Therefore, only products like the iPhone are willing to use. Other phone brands, no o

PCB base board design principles

in the board frame, to determine the positive and negative, it is best to place all devices on the same side, which is marked with three XXX, as shown in the figure below.

Problems encountered in PCB circuit board design

Easy to manage circuit board components For a large led circuit board, it has a lot of parts package, there are thousands of networks, very messy, the use of the class can be very convenient to manage the circuit board.

Share PCB routing tips for printed circuit board design

The frequency of the digital circuit is high, the sensitivity of the analog circuit is strong, for the signal line, the high-frequency signal line is as far away from the sensitive analog circuit device as possible, for the ground line, the whole PCB has

Several methods of reducing noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB circuit board design

Maintenance of spare printed circuit board. For the spare printed circuit board that has been purchased, it should be installed on the numerical control device regularly and run for a period of time to prevent damage;

Analysis of PCB circuit board design signal wiring can not be right Angle reasons

In principle, right-angle wiring will cause the line width of the transmission line to change, resulting in impedance discontinuity. In fact, not only right Angle wiring, ton Angle, acute Angle wiring may cause impedance changes.

Power signal integrity considerations in PCB circuit board design

In circuit board design, we are usually very concerned about the quality of the signal, but sometimes we usually limit the research on the signal line, and the power and ground as the ambition of the situation to deal with, although this can make the ques

PCB board production wastewater pollutants and PCB board design wastewater treatment

The production process and chemical solution of different PCB design manufacturers are still very different. Before the design of the wastewater treatment project, participate in the waste water diversion work of PCB board design and production, and verif

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