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Board Design

PCB circuit board design and manufacture of board components related requirements

PCB circuit board manufacturers to PCB circuit board related design parameters detailed.

Brief discussion on PCB board design points in switching power supply design

It has been proved that the reliability of electronic equipment will be adversely affected even if the circuit diagram is designed correctly and the printed circuit board is not designed properly.

PCB board design principle based on Protel DXP

The thickness of PCB board should be determined according to the function of PCB board, the weight of the mounting components, the specifications of PCB board socket, the outline size of PCB board and the mechanical load to be borne.

The common preventive measures against ESD in PCB board design are analyzed

ESD sensitive circuits should be placed near the center of the circuit, so that other circuits can provide some shielding for them.

Introduction to high current circuit board design

In some cases, the layout and safety considerations involved in high-current board design are similar to those in high-voltage design, especially when we consider safety.

What is the main process of circuit board design? Circuit board design should pay attention to those matters?

The function of PCB design is to standardize the design operation, improve the production efficiency and improve the quality of electronic products.

How to improve electromagnetic compatibility during board design process

In the process of high-speed circuit design, we must consider how to deal with the radiation of the power supply and the interference to the whole system. Generally, the area of the power layer plane should be smaller than the area of the ground plane, so

PCB board design to master these points is essential

PCB design based on PCB design software can also be regarded as a software development process. Software engineering pays most attention to the idea of "iterative development" to reduce the probability of PCB errors.

Summary of ten defects of PCB board design process

For high - level circuit board processing technology research literature, the industry is relatively few. This paper introduces the control points of key production processes, such as material selection, laminated structure design, interlayer alignment, i

Five key points of PCB circuit board design!

Now PCB design time is shorter and shorter, smaller and smaller board space, higher and higher device density, extremely demanding layout rules and large size components make designers

PCB circuit board design and wiring principles

How to improve SMT SMT processing efficiency: first, advance work preparation, second, ensure the SMT SMT machine running time balance, third, equipment operating parameters

PCB mixed signal circuit board design criteria

Avoid running digital clock lines and high frequency analog signal lines near the power layer; otherwise, the noise from the power signal will be coupled to the sensitive analog signal.

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