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Board Design

How to solve signal reflection in high speed PCB board design

In a high speed PCB, wiring is more than just connecting two points. As a qualified engineer, wiring is a hybrid knowledge carrier including resistance, capacitance and inductance.

Controlled impedance circuit board design and interconnector characteristic impedance

Even many electronic design engineers are confused. This material will provide a brief and intuitive introduction to characteristic impedance, hoping to help you understand the rather basic qualities of transmission lines.

Four layer board design

There is no denying that current industry trends and consumer demands are pushing designers and design teams to push the envelope and develop new electronic products to meet market challenges.

What does pofv process mean to circuit board design

Fanyi PCB design Company to military quality PCB design requirement PCB design can not be arbitrary, there are certain rules. Fanyi circuit military quality PCB design has the following requirements

The basic principles of PCB circuit board design and wiring

Wiring is generally divided into three levels: one is the layout, which is the most basic requirements of PCB design, the second is to meet the electrical performance, which is the standard to measure whether the circuit board is qualified. Three is beaut

PCB design company analyzes the role of matching resistance in PCB board design

PCB design impedance matching: PCB design impedance matching refers to a suitable collocation between the signal source or transmission line and the load. According to the access mode PCB design impedance matching has serial and parallel two ways; Accordi

The Golden Rule of PCB circuit board design

Polygon filling deviation usually occurs when polygon plating copper on multi-grid circuit boards. While it does not have a standard based on a single grid, it can provide service beyond the required life of the boards.

What information does circuit board design need?

Circuit board design required data: 1. Circuit diagram, necessary, 2. Circuit consumption power calculation, not necessary, 3. Circuit diagram Electrical list, not required, 4. Component table, required, 5. Circuit board design drawing, required, 6. Circu

Circuit board design manufacturers

Circuit board design and production process: 1. Preparation of production materials, 2. Circuit board production and manufacturing, 3. Production and design

Circuit board design when choosing components of six skills

When selecting circuit board components based on component packaging, the following needs to be considered: component packaging selection. Grounding methods. Virtual component packaging. Verify complete material list data. Sort. Excess gate circuit.

How to optimize circuit board design

With the popularity of SMT lead-free process technology, the demand for PCB substrate is getting higher and higher. The performance of PCB can be improved from the design of PCB.

PCB board design of the 8 basic principles

The application of wave-crest welding technology and reflow welding technology are completely different in component layout design, PCB and pad graphic design and hole design.

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