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PCB circuit boards

Technical requirements for substrates for PCB circuit boards

In order to improve the technical performance of the printed circuit board, we must first improve the performance of the printed circuit substrate board, and ensure the demand for high density and fine wire, copper foil, laminated insulating dielectric sh

What materials and classification do pcb circuit boards have?

PCB copper-clad plate is the basic material of electronics industry, mainly used for processing and manufacturing printed circuit board (PCB), and pcb production process and material affect its price

Why should pcb circuit boards do impedance

Impedance refers to the resistance and reactance parameters, because PCB circuit board bottom plug into consideration of electrical conductivity and signal transmission performance, so it is necessary to impedance as low as possible, resistivity should be

Analysis of the development prospect of pcba processing for automotive electronics

PCB manufacturing factory will explain to you the development prospect analysis of automobile electronic pcba processing

Introduction to the basic knowledge of FPC soft board

This article mainly introduces the development of FPC soft board materials

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