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PCB Manufacturing Equipment

Kingford shows the equipment required for the PCB production process in its own PCB factory. If you want to know more about PCB circuit board needs, please leave a message for consultation.

What are the precautions for copper pouring in PCB design?

Copper coating as an important part of PCB design, whether it is domestic PCB design software, or some Protel abroad, then how to apply copper?

What are the requirements of SMT processing on PCB board

This is the SMT processing of PCB board requirements, in the production of PCB board is not slack, the production

How can PCB circuit boards distinguish good from bad from appearance?

With the rapid development of high-tech industries such as mobile phones, electronics, communications, and autonomous driving, the PCB circuit board industry has largely driven the continuous expansion and rapid growtothe circuit board industry, and peopl

PCB Lecture Hall: Common metal substrate classification and its advantages

At present, the PCB circuit board products on the market are mainly divided into three types from the material category: ordinary substrate, metal substrate and ceramic substrate.

How does PCB design prevent others from copying the board?

In PCB design, after completing the PCB design​ through many levels, the most important thing is the copyright issue, and plagiarism is common.

How long is the PCBA processing quotation cycle?

The production time of SMT patches and DIP plug-ins is relatively short, but also depends on the difficulty of the process and the adequacy of factory orders. The normal lead time for proofing is about 1-3 days. Normal delivery time is about 5-7 days.

Do you know the requirements for PCBA processing

The company gives full play to its competitive advantages in scale procurement and quality control, and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world to ensure the quality

Do you know the various processes in PCBA processing?

Long-term maintenance of IC, resistors, capacitors, inductors, audiodes and other components procurement advantages, can greatly save customers' inventory costs, improve production turnover efficiency, save time. Currently for the United States

Soldering requirements for PCB circuit boards in PCB assembly

PCBA welding processing, there are usually many requirements for the PCBA board, and the requirements must be met in order to weld.Then why does the welding process need so many requirements for the PCBA board?

How to improve the pass rate of SMT patch processing?

SMT chip processing has an important indicator for processing quality evaluation, that is, the straight-through rate. In the patch processing. SMT process pass rate refers to the proportion of one-time qualification from production to the last process.

PCB assembly manufacturers introduce the basic PCB design process in detail

PCB design is a very detailed work, so the design should be very careful and patient, fully considering various factors, including production PCB assembly processing, post-maintenance convenience and other issues. In addition, developing some good working

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