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Development of FPC flexible circuit board

With the continuous advancement of information and intelligent construction, the market demand for flexible circuit boards will be more and more large.

The reason analysis and control improvement of soft - hard combination board

The expansion and shrinkage of flexible plate materials are mainly related to matrix material PI and glue. The higher the degree of iminization, the stronger the controllability of expansion and shrinkage.

Guide to Defect detection methods for flexible circuit boards

The market share of FPC is increasing with the development of miniaturized and portable electronic products. However, FPC may have defects such as open circuit, short circuit and line width discrepancy in the process of processing, feeding and mounting.

Circuit board ROHS test, pcb circuit board ROHS test cost

The Circuit Board can be called Printed Circuit board or Printed circuit board, the English name is (Printed Circuit Board) PCB, (Flexible Printed Circuit board) FPC circuit board.

Corrosion process of PCB circuit board

Automatic soldering machine for PCB circuit board soldering to provide technical support, however, the corrosion of PBC circuit board has been plagued by automatic soldering merchants.

Board factory industrial PCB board maintenance needs to have what skills?

The industrial pcb circuit board belongs to the industrial control industry, mainly the PCB mother board used in industrial applications, its structure usually has many card slots, a large area, a higher degree of modularity, can adapt to a wide range of

Best practices for capturing circuit board schematics

Not only will you save money and move faster, but you'll also help you say "no" to tempting foods that may not be part of your diet. Preparing such written plans can help any project we are involved in. In the electronic field, these plans are c...

The circuit board on which the PCB is based

The next stage is product implementation. At this stage, product documentation is collected and compiled, including all manuals, catalogs, and related product documentation.

Description of three main functions of flexible circuit boards

The challenge for the flexible circuit industry is to take advantage of its technological advantages and stay abreast of computers, telecommunications, consumer demand, and dynamic markets.

PCB board each layer function

The signal layers are all layers with electrical connections, which is the actual copper layer. Intermediate layer refers to the intermediate plate layer used for wiring, in which the wire is distributed.

How is solder paste printed on the circuit board

Solder paste is printed on the circuit board and then the electronics are connected to the circuit board by reflow soldering. This is the most common method in the electronics manufacturing industry, but in order to more accurately apply the solder paste

PCB circuit board conduction hole must plug hole, after all what knowledge?

In order to meet customer requirements, the pass-through hole plugging process is varied, the process is particularly long, the process control is difficult, often in hot air leveling and soldering experiment oil loss; Oil explosion after curing.

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