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How to improve the pass rate of SMT patch processing?
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How to improve the pass rate of SMT patch processing?

SMT chip processing has an important indicator for processing quality evaluation, that is, the straight-through rate. In the patch processing. SMT process pass rate refers to the proportion of one-time qualification from production to the last process. 

This parameter can directly reflect the processing capacity of SMT processing plant can directly reflect the quality control of SMT processing plant, the higher the pass-through rate, the higher the capacity.

In order to ensure the straight-through rate of SMT patch processing, we hear most about improving the design for manufacturing (DFM), but to really improve the straight-through rate of smt chip processing, the following five process optimization methods are needed:

SMT patch processing

1、Improve the pcb circuit board steel mesh design;

2、 Select the right type of solder paste;

3、 Improve the operation method of the printing process;

4、 Improve the indoor/reflow temperature curve; 

5、 Select tooling and improve the process method. 

For the defects of each process, our company gives the following processing ideas, I hope to help you. 

The main reason for the bridge: 

welding pasteSolution ideas: 

(1) reduce the amount of solder paste; 

(2) "large pad narrow window" design, guide solder spreading, especially suitable for steel mesh window can not be reduced.

The article highlights the significance of the straight-through rate in evaluating SMT chip processing quality for PCB manufacturing. To improve this rate, it suggests optimizing PCB steel mesh design, selecting suitable solder paste, refining printing process operations, optimizing temperature curves, and choosing effective tooling. Specific solutions are provided for common issues, such as solder bridge defects.

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