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How to improve the quality of SMT patch processing

1. Establish a total quality (TQC) network within the enterprise to provide timely quality feedback.Two: In order to ensure the accurate inspection and maintenance of testing equipment and equipment, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the products, t

SMT patch processing solder paste how to use

How to use SMT solder paste to clean the solder spot first, pay attention to wipe very clean, do not have any residue, otherwise it will affect the next work, the solder paste opening time as short as possible, in the process of use, roughly estimate the

Select high quality SMT manufacturers

In the operation, electrostatic protection is a very important work, can not be careless, we should do several points: 1, ground wire, 3, the use of ion fan, 4, cleaning, 5, warning signs, 6, the use of part of the equipment, need written consent, seven,

How to quote SMT patch processing quotation sheet

Is the use of AOI, to ensure the inherent quality of SMT products, while parametric automatic optical detection device to fill this gap, whether you choose image comparison for low capacity mount, or choose parametric mount for medium-high capacity mount,

How to maintain SMT mounter regularly

How to maintain SMT mounter regularly:2. Wait until the origin and remove the waste component box. Push the "HEAD SERVO" to OFF and then Nozzle off. 3. Turn the head between positions 7 and 8 using the manual handle. 4. Use a mirror to place it ...

SMT patch processing how fast delivery

SMT Patch processing how to quickly ship What you needFirst, prepare SMT patch processing data in advance. Second, the SMD materials provided must be accurate

How should I choose the SMT plant

Circuit board as a high-end electronic industry essential products, its role in electronic products plays a pivotal role, so for the circuit board daily maintenance tools is more important, so how should we deal with the dust on the circuit board? Method

How to solve the SMT patch processing tablet problem

PCBA manufacturers take you to solve the SMT patch processing tablet problem: In SMT patch processing, sometimes there will be the phenomenon of stellerization. The root cause of stellerization is that the welding tension on both sides of the component is

How to check spot welding quality in SMT patch processing

For electronic devices, a certain amount of heat is generated during operation. If the heat is not released in time, the devices will continue to heat up, and the devices will fail due to overheating, and the reliability of the devices will be reduced. Th

​ How does SMT patch processing solve solder spot problems

Solder joint stripping sometimes occurs in through-hole wave soldering. This phenomenon is caused by the failure between the solder joint and the welding pad. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the thermal expansion coefficient between the lead-f

Why do smt factories use the packaging process of BGA patches?

Customers will according to their actual needs to their own trusted electronic processing plant orders, and put forward specific requirements. The processing plant will evaluate its capacity to see if it can fulfill the order.

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