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The basic elements of SMT chip processing technology

Another important consideration when designing automotive system boards is grounding. Since the vehicle is not in contact with the ground, its electronic systems must be designed to take advantage of chassis grounding technology

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SMT in printed circuit manufacturing?

SMT is not suitable and is not suitable for large parts, high power or high voltage - such as where there is a high power circuit. SMT and through-hole technologies are often combined with radiators, large capacitors, firearms, high-power transformers in

How does the SMT machine work? What are the common machine failures of SMT?

Production data: We can carry out production data after installation. Press the F2 key on your keyboard to select the production data you want to produce. Once selected, the nozzle type for each master device required to display the data on the operating

The basic operating procedures and processes of the dynamic SMT mounter

we provide the board for the machine, but also need to provide the corresponding installation components, the storage location of the parts is called the feeder, we will reasonably install the feeder on the bracket, and then provide drawings and installat

Four types of SMT machine structure

Turtle type assembly machine is mainly used for mass production of computer boards, mobile phones, household appliances and other products, because the resistance and capacitance components in these products, high assembly density, very suitable for this

How to improve the assembly efficiency of SMT mounters?

Manual cleaning should be carried out at least once every 2 hours to reduce poor print quality and lead to poor shutdown in the case of too high. Therefore, attention should be paid to monitoring once every hour 5, the line body balance ratio must be abov

How does the air pressure of the SMT machining assembly machine work

SMT mounter. This is a surface mount system. Generally divided into manual and automatic. With the development of Time, complete automation has gradually entered our world.

SMT mounter pressure/position/image/area sensor role

SMT mounters are a common method that we usually paste on an electronic device that has a lot of parts inside it together to complete our production work, do you know what the main parts are? Don't worry. I'll explain it carefully

SMT electronic manufacturing equipment automation analysis

Technology refers to a technology in which chip components are mounted and welded on the surface of the printed circuit board. Compared with the traditional through hole assembly technology, the technology has the advantages of high assembly density.

SMT patch processing eliminates the opportunity for misalignment

The Chinese name of SMT chip processing (PCB) is called "printed circuit board", also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, is the provider of e...

2021-2026SMT LED market comprehensive research, key trends report

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