Professional PCB manufacturing and assembly
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manufacturing process

PCB double-sided circuit board manufacturing process

The second method is to let the designer of the circuit board factory beside a piece of copper foil around the circuit board pad, the attachment area is large, the pad is not easy to fall off, if there is no space around the pad beside the copper foil

PC shape and hole machining: Double sided FPC manufacturing process

In order to improve the punching accuracy, high precision and low chip punching method is used to process positioning holes

Changes in the size of the substrate in the printed board manufacturing process

In the rapid development of science and technology today, a variety of high-tech electronic products emerge in an endless stream, which makes the demand for printed circuit boards increase sharply, manufacturing difficulties are becoming higher and higher

Integrated circuit board welding and manufacturing process

Generally speaking, integrated circuit board is the integrated circuit board, which is widely used in the fields of computer, TV, air conditioning and other electronic products to be automatically controlled.

PCB manufacturing process for welding pad requirements

The center of gravity of the entire board should be close to the geometric center of the PCB. The center of gravity should not be allowed to drift to the edge of the board (1/4 area).

A complete guide to the multilayer flexible PCB assembly manufacturing process

A lot of labor is used in the process of printing PCB. The flexible PCB assembly process is quite affordable in terms of money and time.

Manufacturing process of circuit board

The shape is not deformed, so as to avoid the deformation of the shell and dislocation of the screw hole after installation. Now are mechanized installation, circuit board hole location and line and design deformation error should be within the allowable

Manufacturing process of printed pcb

While this setup is tedious, it's not as bad as an auto-wiring device. Most design teams eventually establish a set of design rules that aim to: standardize bare board construction costs to maximize yield; Assemble, inspect, and test as consistently as po

PCB factory manufacturing process factors

PCB copper wire falling off (also often said copper dumping) is bad, PCB factories are said to be the problem of laminate, requiring its production factory to bear bad losses.

Plasma surface pretreatment in PCB board manufacturing process

In addition, before the solder resistance film coating, the printed circuit board surface is treated by plasma, and a certain roughness and high activity surface can be obtained, so as to improve the adhesion of the solder resistance film.

SMT patch processing includes equipment and manufacturing processes

SMT SMT processing includes the following equipment: 1, board machine: 2, solder paste printing machine, 3, SPI(3D solder paste detector) : 4, SMT machine, 5, the first piece of detector: 6, reflow welding, 7, plate machine: 8, AOI detection, 9, X-Ray

What are the matters needing attention and manufacturing process of PCB?

The production of Keyou circuit cannot be separated from your design. All engineers please design according to the detailed production process of conventional production.

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