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PCB production process

PCB production process

PCB production processThe minimization of all solder joint defects should be the goal of any SMT manufacturer. By understanding defects, their root causes and how to prevent SMT placement defects, you can greatly improve the quality of all the components

Multi-layer PCB production process

Multi-layer PCB production processCompared with the particle board, the two most obvious advantages of the multi-layer board are: 1. The moisture resistance is better, because the fiber of the wood board is longer, and the moisture resistance of the board

OSP surface treatment PCB production process requirements

OSP is Organic Solderability Preservatives, which refers to the coating of OSP film on the bare brass plate (double-sided/multilayer/two-layer) in place of the original protective treatment such as tin spraying on the surface of the plate.

Flexible PCB production process

Flexible printed circuit board is composed of flexible substrate (PI/PET), copper foil and binder. It is widely used in consumer electronic terminal products, such as smart phones, tablets, personal medical devices and so on.

The importance of drilling in PCB production process

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the importance of drilling in PCB production process

PCB Design of Four layer PCB Process

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer will explain the PCB design of the four layer circuit board

PCB production process flow 2

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain PCB production process flow

PCB production process flow 1

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain PCB production process flow

What should be paid attention to in the PCB production process?

First of all, you need to consider the material of the PCB, such as flexible substrate, common insulating substrate. Then, PCB layout/board layout, board assembly, board edge. Also, for finishing surfaces, immersion gold circuit boards or OSP, etc. Also,

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