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PCB manufacturing capability

Standard PCB Production CapabilityFeatureCapabilityQuality GradeStandard IPC 2Number of Layers1 - 32layersOrder Quantity1pc - 10,000,000 pcsBuild Time2days - 5weeks (Expedited Service)MaterialFR-4 Standard Tg 150°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C, FR4-High-Tg 180°C, F

The PCBA processing, automatic optical inspection is usually

In PCBA processing, automatic optical inspection is usually set at the last step of the SMT production line, and it is necessary to detect the defects of the product after the completion of the SMT processing​ process.

PCB production process

PCB production processThe minimization of all solder joint defects should be the goal of any SMT manufacturer. By understanding defects, their root causes and how to prevent SMT placement defects, you can greatly improve the quality of all the components

Demystify the whole process of PCB production

Demystify the whole process of PCB productionWe have said before that: before the appearance of PCB, the circuit was first composed of point-to-point wiring. Later, winding technology was a major advancement in circuit technology. Later, the electronics i

Multi-layer PCB production process

Multi-layer PCB production processCompared with the particle board, the two most obvious advantages of the multi-layer board are: 1. The moisture resistance is better, because the fiber of the wood board is longer, and the moisture resistance of the board

Why does PCB production need to be pieced board

The reserved process edge is the part added on both sides or four sides of PCB board to assist the patch plug-in to weld the missing board, which is mainly to assist production and does not belong to the PCB board. It can be removed after the PCBA manufac

Revolutionize PCB production

Although dry film is more expensive than wet resist, convenient processing makes it a useful material for PCB imaging and etching.

pcb production

CM needs to establish good business relationships with various parts suppliers, circuit board manufacturers on which PCBS are based, and various engineering services and quality testing services.

Statistics show that the Chinese mainland surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest PCB production region

Place some grounded holes near the holes of the signal changing layer in order to provide the nearest loop for the signal.

Common problems in PCB production and design

Therefore, welding resistance data cannot be generated directly from similar pad. When applying solder resistance, the filler block area will be covered by solder resistance, resulting in difficulty in welding components.

Optimization in PCB production engineering

In addition to the production process, the storage of PCB board parts at each station also has a certain impact on the deformation. In some manufacturers, due to more production waiting and narrow site, multiple boards will be stacked together for storage

How does SMT affect PCB production time and speed it up?

By using SMT, the PCB does not need to be drilled into it. Instead, what they do is they use solder paste. In addition to adding a lot of speed, this simplifies the process significantly.

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