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rigid-flex PCBs

How to choose flexible and rigid PCB

This article mainly aims at the characteristics of rigid and flexible PCBs to help people choose flexible and rigid PCBs.

How flexible and rigid flexo PCB can be strengthened

If we study the history of PCBs, we will notice that they gradually shift according to market demand. But this is nothing new, right? What's new in our market demand. While we thrive on technology, from optimization to best, we face a special need. In

The main trends of PCB development in 2022

With the huge impact of the latest technologies such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence on the world of electronics, there is a lot going on in PCB manufacturing right now.

What types of rigid-flex PCBs are there?

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are mainly divided into three types, including single-sided rigid-flex PCB, double-sided rigid-flex PCB, and multi-layer rigid-flex PCB.

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