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PCB Lecture Hall: What is a multilayer board??

The first layer in the middle is laid with multiple GND, several lines can be laid, but do not divide each layer of copper; The second layer of VCC copper in the middle has multiple power supplies laid separately. A small number of lines can be laid, but

PCBA Processing How To Avoid PCB Board Warping?

In order to prevent deformation of many electronic products, the thickness of the board is left at 1.0mm, 0.8mm, or even 0.6mm.

Why are the vast majority of PCB board colors green?

Actively promote the "PCB design - manufacturing - PCBA processing (SMT mount)" one-stop service model, with the goal of "creating the best overall value for the project", to eliminate the inconvenience of multi-party communication, fo...

Analysis of deformation causes caused by PCB board processing

PCB boards are generally stored vertically on shelves during the semi-finished product stage. Incorrect stacking and placement of boards during storage can cause mechanical deformation.

Ten points for attention on PCB board

The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB assembly should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the PCB assembly will not be deformed after it is fixed on the fixture.

PCB circuit board copper foil basic knowledge

Copper foil for electrodeposited copperfoil in English, is copper clad (CCL) and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing of important material. In the rapid development of today's electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is known as the

PCB circuit board production process

The OC48 interface card contains several typical mixed-signal PCB layout and routing problems, the layout and routing process will indicate the sequence and steps to solve the mixed-signal PCB layout solution.

PCB circuit board in the corner of the wiring problems and conditions

The circuit board is mainly composed of welding pad, through hole, mounting hole, wire, component, connector, filling, electrical boundary and so on.

PCB circuit board industry term

Special substrate printed circuit board Metal substrate (aluminum base, copper base, iron base or invar steel), ceramic substrate, according to its characteristics, use can be made of metal (ceramic) based single, double, multi-layer printed circuit board

PCB circuit board welding technology

As a power supply product, PCB circuit boards can be seen everywhere in life. This requires manufacturers to strictly put the quality in production, understand all the failure of the product, deal with it early, and reduce economic losses.

How to choose the base material of PCB board

PCB circuit board with insulation board as the base material, cut into a certain size, it is accompanied by at least one conductive graphic, and cloth holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallization holes, etc.), used to replace the chassis

Talk about the cleaning technology of PCB circuit board

Do you know PCB cleaning technology? Here are some tips to share.

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