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Why are the vast majority of PCB board colors green?
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Why are the vast majority of PCB board colors green?

Many friends have questions, why the vast majority of PCB board color is green?

The PCB board color is mostly green

1, green ink is by far the most widely used, the longest use, but also the cheapest on the market, so green is used by a large number of manufacturers as the main color of PCB products.

2, under normal circumstances, in the process of PCB board production, there are several processes that must go through the yellow light room, because the effect of green in the yellow light room is better than other colors. In addition, when SMT welding components, PCB board production must go through the solder paste and patch, and the final AOI verification process, which requires optical positioning calibration, and the board with a green background color has a better identification effect on the instrument.

3, PCB board production is not necessarily green, depending on the designer wants to make it into what color, it is what color. Common PCB board production colors are red, yellow, green, blue, black. However, due to the production process and other problems, production workers stare at the board for a long time with the naked eye in the case of strong light, which is easy to cause eye fatigue, relatively speaking, green has the least damage to the eyes.

4, the production of green PCB board is very environmentally friendly compared with other colors, when used in a high temperature environment, generally will not release toxic gases.

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The reserved process edge is to assist the increased part of the patch plug-in welding on both sides or four sides of the PCB board, mainly to assist production, which does not belong to the part of the PCB board, and can be removed after the PCBA manufacturing production is completed.

PCB design reserved process edge will consume more board, increase the cost of PCB board, so in the design of PCB process edge, need to balance economy and manufacturability. For some special circuit boards, the PCB board that was originally left with 2 process edges or 4 process edges can be greatly simplified by the way of PCB assembling. When designing the assembly method, it is necessary to fully take into account the track width of the SMT mounter, and communicate with the process engineer of the SMT supplier for the assembly whose width exceeds 350mm.

The flatness of PCB design edge is also an important part of printed circuit board production. When removing the PCB design process edge, it is necessary to ensure that the process edge is smooth, especially for the circuit board with high assembly precision, any uneven rough edge will lead to the offset of the installation hole, which will bring great trouble to the subsequent PCBA assembly.

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