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Analysis of etching technology of PCB outer circuit board

Further said, sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide, can not be used for lead tin corrosion resistance layer etching, and this process is not the main method in the production of PCB outer layer, so most people rarely ask.

Analysis of anti-interference prevention methods of PCB circuit boards

The level of viscosity is of great concern to the smoothness or not of screen printing. Therefore, in the PCB ink technical documents and QC reports, the viscosity is clearly marked, indicating under what conditions, what type of viscosity testing equipme

New environmental protection regulations promote the healthy development of the circuit board industry

In view of the fact that green production is becoming more and more the standard of PCB manufacturers, and it is also actively promoted from the national policy level, the exhibition has launched a "green environmental protection zone" since 201...

Method to remove silicone oil from FPC circuit board by transferring release film

More and more customers are looking for silicone oil cleaning agents on the circuit board, because the silicone oil on the release film sticks to the circuit board.

Summary of practical tips for high frequency PCB board design

The above is for everyone to share the PCB board interconnect high frequency PCB design skills, if you are familiar with these methods, you can understand the use of back copper-covered coplanar microstrip design than strip line design is more economical

Smart bracelet PCB board design precautions

A smart bracelet is usually composed of a radio frequency circuit unit, a clock circuit unit, a memory circuit unit, a sensor circuit unit and a main control MCU unit, etc., and the circuit PCB is usually concentrated in a small range, single-sided or dou

Five key points of PCB board design

PCB circuit board is the basic electronic components of all electronic circuit design, and the design of PCB circuit board is also a must understand for makers. The role of PCB is not only to combine scattered components, but also to ensure the regularity

Four suggestions for PCB design from the point of view of drawing board

t present, in PCBA processing, the introduction of advanced testing equipment for quality control of the production process. In the process of reflow welding, AOI testing equipment is generally used for quality control.Can provide the smallest package 020

What does a multi-layer PCB look like? High-end PCB board design process

Layout engineers think about it! No longer afraid of not painting!Think about purchasing want to cry, more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary through hole plate! Therefore, only products like the iPhone are willing to use. Other phone brands, no o

PCB Lecture Hall: The difference between aluminum substrate and FR4 board

Electromagnetic shielding: In order to ensure the performance of the circuit, some components in electronic products need to prevent radiation and interference of electromagnetic waves. The aluminum substrate can be used as a shielding plate to shield ele

PCB circuit board board classification and detailed explanation of parameters

the circuit board must be flame resistant, can not burn at a certain temperature, can only be softened. At this time, the temperature point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg point), and this value is related to the size and durability of the

Surface treatment technology in FPC production of soft circuit board

Soft printed board as a domestic faster growth industry, many materials and equipment still need to continue to explore, mass production also need to process and machinery equipment, material field of continuous integrity, this paper extracted a link to t

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