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Arbitrary Interconnect HDI PCBA Design

Any Layer HDI PCB: This is the most complex HDI PCB design structure, where all layers are high-density interconnect layers, allowing free interconnection of conductors on any layer of the PCB with the copper-filled stacked microvia structure. This struct

10-layer second-order HDI PCBA design

HDI PCB (2+N+2): This is a moderately complex HDI PCB layout design structure that contains 2 or more high-density interconnect layers, allowing conductors and copper free interconnects on any layer of the PCB to fill the stack Microporous structure. Thes

8-layer second-order HDI PCBA design

For BGAs with smaller ball pitch and higher I/O countIncrease routing density in complex designsSheet CapabilityLower Dk/Df material for better signal transmission performancecopper filled viasApplications: Mobile phones, PDAs, UMPCs, portable game consol

Six-layer HDI PCBA design and production

This is a 6-layer HDI rigid flex PCB with blind and buried vias. Made of the most common rigid insulating materials, FR4 and DuPont polyimide, with good flexural properties. In addition, its 0.6mm thick rigid area gives the board good strength. All lamina

Automation Equipment HDI PCBA Design

What are the advantages of HDI PCB?Extraordinary versatility: HDI boards are ideal when weight, space, reliability and performance are the main concerns.Compact design: The combination of blind, buried and micro vias reduces board space requirements.B

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