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PCBA processing plant

PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant function and use precautions

By recording and saving test data, the production process and test results of each product can be traced. If there is a quality problem, the test data can be traced back to the specific production batch and process, and the cause of the problem can be fur

The function and precautions of PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant

Cutting PCB board 2. Precise control of cutting position and Angle 3. Help to improve production efficiency. Reduce material waste 1. The correct positioning of the splitter 2. Safe use 3. Ensure the quality of materials

Introduction to the process of PCBA processing plant

Quality control of PCBA processing plant: Quality control of PCBA processing plant is ensured by inspection and experiment. The main technical indicators include operating voltage range, thermal resistance, impedance test, electromagnetic compatibility an

Efficiency of PCBA processing plant

In order to better choose PCBA processing plant, it is necessary to pay attention to equipment and facilities to have professional PCBA equipment, assembly tracking system, material inspection and scrap facilities; Technical personnel should have emergenc

How does the PCBA processing plant complete the task quickly and accurately?

PCB fabrication is one of the most important steps for PCBA processing plant to complete the task quickly and accurately, including: the process design of the board, tooling design and production, the production of the circuit board

How do PCBA processing plants select high quality reflow soldering?

The heating methods of reflow welding are generally divided into two categories: one is by the red lamp and adapted tube heater; The other type is ceramic plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate heater.

​ How do PCBA processing plants purchase components?

How should PCBA processing plant do a good job in component procurement: 1. PCBA component procurement channels; 2. PCBA component quality control; 3

PCBA processing plant production efficiency increase 10 magic weapon

By shortening construction time and compressing work-in-process retention.Difficulty is the ladder of success, the success of the process is reasonable, reasonable, reasonable.

PCBA processing plant 28 key manufacturing indicators

In the future, the application of KPI will become more and more important and will become an objective basis for the improvement and evaluation of intelligent manufacturing related projects.

PCBA processing plant has what is not known inside

Take you to PCB processing and SMT patches as well as subsequent testing and inspection to have a comprehensive understanding of first, tin slag recycling problems, second, material loss rate

PCBA processing plant: types and common faults of SMT Feida

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the types and common faults of SMT Feida

PCBA processing plant: What are the classifications of welding technology?

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain to you the classification of welding technology

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