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The important factor affecting the quality of PCB isolation film

Multi-layer PCBS stored for more than three months may show stress concentration (from pressing) and water absorption (which will increase Z expansion).

Development prospect analysis of PCB industry in China in 2018

The use of impedance circuit board with reputation is solving many real problems for people, for the safety of very concerned manufacturers, choose a impedance circuit board manufacturers matching their own products for cooperation, can ensure the safety

PCB inspection, these points you must know

PCB board classification is many, common paper based printed circuit board, epoxy glass fiber cloth printed circuit board rice composite substrate printed circuit board, special substrate printed circuit board metal substrate.

PCB impedance board impedance line design

This paper first introduces what is impedance and impedance type, then introduces the PCB circuit board why to do impedance, describes the significance of impedance for PCB circuit board, the specific follow Xiaobian together to understand.

Analysis of output value scale, industry competition pattern and key enterprises of PCB in China in 2022

PCB is a bridge that carries electronic components and connects circuits. It plays the role of connection and bearing. It is irreplaceable in the whole electronic products and is known as the "mother of electronics".

Application of pcb in medical electronic equipment

Medical electronic equipment is a general term for a series of medical equipment, used for heart treatment and emergency equipment, including: implantable cardiac pacemaker, external cardiac pacemaker, cardiac defibrillator, cardiac pacemaker, aortic inte

The global industrial center of PCB is shifting to Asia

The global PCB industry is mainly distributed in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. With the transfer of global PCB production capacity to China in recent years, China has become the world's largest PCB industry output region

Summarize the development of PCB industry in Japan in 2018 and analyze the persistent problems of PCB business of Japanese enterprises

Most of the equity is controlled by banks and trust shareholders or occupies a large proportion, which is not conducive to stand out in the competition of PCB market in the future.

In the future, the output value of PCB in China will exceed 40 billion US dollars

For PCB products in these emerging markets, the process and raw materials of high-end high frequency and high speed pcb board need to be comprehensively upgraded, and the technical barriers are comprehensively improved. The key to realize high frequency o

PCB industry back to Taiwan investment, layout of high-level and 5G products

With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, PCB industry continues to grow. The global output of PCB increased from more than $40 billion in 2008 to $60 billion in 2018. The share of China's PCB industry in the world has also change

PCB industry prosperity is improving

The size of the welding nozzle should be as large as possible to ensure the stability of the welding process and not affect the adjacent components on the PCB, which is important to the design engineer, but also difficult, because the stability of the pro

In the design of six types of modular PCB in China

In PCB board copy and design work, we often have to debug and test the circuit board, the debugging of six types of module circuit board is one of them, in order to let you better understand the debugging technology of six types of module circuit board, f

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