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PCB industry: 5G commercial landing to promote the high growth of PCB demand in the future focus on high-level HDI and packaging substrate

the growth rate is the passive components and PCB as the representative of the component plate. 5G substrates, such as soft boards, high-end high-speed materials and PCB, are comprehensively distributed, benefiting from the strong flexibility of 5G and th

The flowers seem to be blooming like a brocade, but in fact, the fire is cooking oil. "5G has not promoted the domestic PCB industry?

The PCB industry will benefit a lot in the industrial chain. With the emergence and rapid progress of 5G communication technology, a number of related fields are entering the situation of technology iteration and product application upgrade simultaneously

2020 Global PCB industry market status!

As a result, future digital life situations such as remote teaching, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, and AI for industrial risk control have been started in advance.

5G consumer electronics accelerated upgrade, PCB industry will usher in a new wave of climax

According to Prismark statistics, mobile terminal PCB demand is mainly HDI and flexible board (HDI board accounts for about 50.68%), and has 26.36% packaging substrate demand.

Uv laser processing applications in PCB industry

Each circuit layer in the multilayer circuit board is pressed together by the action of semi-cured sheet; Depending on the circuit design, some areas of the semi-cured sheet need to be cut and then pressed together.

PCB is mainly divided into

The following is its structure diagram (about circuit symbols and functions will be explained later) :IC design: CMOS devices and their circuits,

PCB internal processing number

At the same time, the direction of the power cord and ground wire is consistent with the direction of data transmission, which helps to enhance the anti-noise capabilit

PCB is connected to the outside world

There is a little bit of short circuiting between digital and analog, but note that there is only one connection point. There are also differences on the PCB, which is determined by the system design.

Discussion on PCB ink type and function

Ink in the production to protect the role of copper foil, so that the copper skin is not exposed to the outside, will affect the later process, sensitive ink, carbon oil, silver oil, and carbon oil and silver oil have electrical conductivity.

Automotive PCB industry: smart electric drive to a bright future

The automotive PCB market is benefiting from the increasing electronization of vehicles as consumers demand more functionality and safety.

What are the contents of PCB incoming material inspection

The content of PCB incoming material inspection includes PCB size and appearance inspection, PCB warping and distortion detection, PCB weldability test, PCB solder resistance film integrity test, PCB internal defect detection.

Green manufacturing is the main direction of PCB industry development

Although PCB can be called a high-tech product in the electronics industry, but now the development of PCB is not only challenged by its own cost-effectiveness problems, more is from the challenge of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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