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PCBA manufacturers

PCBA manufacturers detailed circuit board processing four steps

The PCB board where the component is placed is placed into the machine from one end. On a double-track conveyor belt, the circuit board of the newly placed component passes through the hot and cold zones of the reflow furnace, precisely controlling the me

PCBA manufacturers detailed circuit board components testing skills

Circuit board components testing skills: 1. Measure the polarity of each foot of the rectifier bridge, 2. Judge the quality of crystal vibration, 3. Unidirectional thyristor detection, 4. Polarity recognition of bidirectional thyristors, 5. Check the qual

What are the most important qualifications and technical strengths of PCBA manufacturers?

ISO9001 certification, CCC certification is the basic certification of PCBA manufacturers, can obtain ISO13485, IATF16949, UL certification of PCBA manufacturers are more comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

How can PCBA manufacturers improve the quality of patch processing

How to improve the SMT patch processing quality?First, select technical personnel, second, ensure the accuracy of equipment, third, set up quality detection control points, fourth, improve the management system, five, formulate rules and regulations

PCBA manufacturers teach you to judge PCB quality

Debugging circuit board problemOne: measurement circuit board voltage method:Two: circuit board signal injection method:Three: circuit board mode method:Circuit board configuration needs to solve certain instruments for debugging, but also need long-term

Importance of AOI test equipment to PCBA manufacturers

Kingford is a PCB company engaged in the production and assembly of circuit boards. We not only sell PCBA, but also have many strategies related to PCB design and PCB proofing. Next, let me introduce you to some matters related to PCB.

Let's see how PCBA manufacturers choose

Understand PCB design, PCB layout and PCB manufacturing in PCB related industries and Let's see how PCBA manufacturers choose

Experience sharing: PCBA inspection standard and application

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain PCBA inspection standards and applications

What are the ways of PCB assembly?

Circuit boards are found in almost every electronic device you use, and while they're common, that doesn't mean they're simple. Printed circuit boards are a complex business, and assembling them correctly requires the right tools, the right parts, and the

Discussion on the sinkage of PCB to PCB connector spring

Discussion on the sinkage of PCB process board to board connector spring

How can PCBA suppliers stand out from the competition?

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain how PCBA suppliers can stand out from the competition

How to control the tips of solder paste printing in PCBA processing?

Solder paste printing is very important for PCBA, which directly affects the overall welding effect of PCBA

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