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Importance of AOI test equipment to PCBA manufacturers
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Importance of AOI test equipment to PCBA manufacturers

Importance of AOI test equipment to PCBA manufacturers
Why is the PCBA manufacturer indispensable to AOI test equipment? We know that PCBA equipment is the most basic guarantee for the quality of PCBA products Good SMT mounting equipment can effectively improve production efficiency and, more importantly, ensure the quality of PCB As a manufacturer of high-end IPCB PCBA products, today we will explain the importance of AOI testing equipment for SMT chip processing
The function of AOI detection device is: during automatic detection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the monitor, collects images, compares the detected solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, checks the defects on the PCB after image processing, and displays/displays the defects through the display or automatic marking for SMT process engineers to improve and SMT maintenance.
AOI equipment includes:
1. It can be divided into: simple manual offline AOI equipment, offline AOI equipment, online AOI equipment, etc.
2. Classification by resolution: 0402 component AOI equipment, 0201 component AOI equipment
3. Classification by monitor: single monitor, dual monitor, multi monitor, etc.
The types of errors that the AOI device can detect:
1. After brushing teeth and before patch: make up for the lack of tin in Wuxi
2. Before reflow after patch: displacement, leakage, polarity, deflection, foot bending, error
3. After reflow soldering or peak soldering: less tin/more tin, Wuxi short solder ball leakage polarity displacement foot bending error
4. Bare board detection in PCB industry


AOI test equipment
Efficiency improvement of offline AOI equipment
1. Cost saving and cost saving are the main capital saving projects to improve offline aoi efficiency. The demand for online AOI equipment has declined. Instead of spending a lot of money, it is better to add more expensive online AOI detectors, because offline AOI has already met the production needs.
2. After improving offline AOI efficiency, improving production efficiency is a direct positive factor in factory management. With the improvement of efficiency, more batches of products will naturally be produced.
3. Shortening the delivery time and improving the product competitiveness are the direct manifestations of the improvement of AOI equipment market efficiency. As a professional supplier of AOI equipment in Shenzhen, this is a profound experience. Smt factory made money before it was able to purchase new equipment to ensure product quality.
Online AOI detection equipment
1. Highly automated
A. Production and testing are completed synchronously, which is more efficient than offline AOI, so as to reduce product test turnaround time.
B Reduce personnel participation, fully mechanized operation from PCB to SMT production line, and then to PCB outflow, and avoid manual or semi-automatic low productivity working mode.
C From raw materials to inspection, the production process is fully automatic, in line with China's concept of one-step.
AOI detector
Whether online or offline, AOI equipment aims to improve the quality of SMT patches and avoid a large number of product defects In order to save costs, some small PCBA manufacturers missed many quality inspection links, which easily led to the appearance of products

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