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Let's see how PCBA manufacturers choose
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Let's see how PCBA manufacturers choose

1. We can see whether the products manufactured by PCBA manufacturers are high-end, mid-range or low-end, which industry products are manufactured, and whether the manufacturers can meet their own PCBA proofing requirements.

Some precision processing PCBA processing, general proofing enterprises are limited by technical work capacity and machinery and equipment reasons, can not bring such business.

2. If the manufacturer can bring it, it also depends on whether the delivery time of the manufacturer is fast enough!

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Many PCBA proofing requirements attach great importance to the short delivery time. The faster the goods are, the faster they can be delivered. Many enterprises can't deal with the crisis in terms of delivery time. When I say "fast", I mean 24-hour supply. In case of urgency, the delivery time can be reduced to less than 8 hours.

3. There are also some batch production order information, and it is difficult for manufacturers to contract.

The basic requirements have been considered, and the next key points are:;

PCBA processing

2、 Professional level of PCBA factory

PCBA processing is a very complex step. From PCB proofing to post placement and software, each department must cooperate with each other harmoniously. Whether the factory has the overall strength of the goods, especially the professional level is critical.

1. Is there any professional machinery and equipment.

PCBA processing, production and manufacturing must be very professional machinery and equipment, such as high-speed mounting machinery and equipment, multi temperature zone reflow soldering furnace, ICT online tester, AOI detector and other machinery and equipment, which are the basis for ensuring production and manufacturing.

2. Is there a professional process optimization

In addition to professional production line equipment, PCBA proofing requires systematic management methods to carry out professional supervision on quality. The better PCB manufacturers have been verified by ISO9001 quality system management, IAF, IPC-A-610E electronic component assembly acceptance standards, etc., and will go through the SOP job safety operation procedures and other material documents to give specific guidance to employees' personal behavior. The overall strength of the factory's quality supervision can be roughly grasped according to the material text documents and professional qualification certification of the factory.

3. Is there a sound testing process

In addition to professional machinery and equipment, professional process optimization should also have a sound detection process. We understand that proofing is a meticulous work. The assembly and placement of many electronic components, DIP and even software electric welding with many feet are involved. The whole process is complicated and the quality will be difficult. Therefore, we must strictly check the level by level, severely crack down on quality defects, and "check and fill the gaps". A quality oriented PCBA proofing enterprise will configure detailed testing processes: IQC finished product inspection and testing, SPI solder paste testing, online AOI testing, SMT first sample testing, appearance testing, X-ray welding testing, BGA component maintenance, QA testing, anti-static warehousing

3、 Sense of responsibility

A PCBA proofing manufacturer with a good sense of responsibility can actively and responsibly handle difficulties for customers when they encounter problems. PCBA proofing manufacturers bring processing business, which is not a practical commodity. Therefore, the sense of responsibility of a PCBA proofing manufacturer is very critical. The sense of responsibility of the PCBA proofing manufacturer can master the corporate culture of the enterprise according to its official website and the mentality of its marketing personnel towards customers.

4、 Working experience in manufacturing industry

Now, the PCBA manufacturing industry is in the link of "Water Dream". Some poor PCBA proofing manufacturers have gone bankrupt one after another. PCBA manufacturers with many years of experience in the manufacturing industry have strong overall strength and more advantages in business.

5、 Price

On the sales market, the price of PCBA proofing is relatively transparent. There are high prices and low prices, but the lower the price, the better. Some PCBA proofing manufacturers choose genuine and original well-known brand electronic components, and implement strict quality supervision, which increases the cost of processing; In order to reduce the price, some PCBA proofing manufacturers will substitute inferior products for high-quality ones, resulting in unstable quality, poor delivery quality and many defective products. As the saying goes, we should choose a suitable and cost-effective PCBA proofing manufacturer according to our own conditions.

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