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production process

PCBA proofing processing common production process introduction

Dispensing: Dispensing is to drop red glue to the fixed position of the circuit board, and its main function is to fix the components to the PCB board. This is an optional process, mainly for heavy devices on the board, the use of red glue process can inc

PCB circuit board production process

The OC48 interface card contains several typical mixed-signal PCB layout and routing problems, the layout and routing process will indicate the sequence and steps to solve the mixed-signal PCB layout solution.

PCB production process

PCB production processThe minimization of all solder joint defects should be the goal of any SMT manufacturer. By understanding defects, their root causes and how to prevent SMT placement defects, you can greatly improve the quality of all the components

Multi-layer PCB production process

Multi-layer PCB production processCompared with the particle board, the two most obvious advantages of the multi-layer board are: 1. The moisture resistance is better, because the fiber of the wood board is longer, and the moisture resistance of the board

PCBA chip processing and assembly method and production process

PCBA chip processing and assembly method and production processWith the development trend of electronic PCBA patch processing and assembly towards practicality and high assembly density, SMT surface patch technology has now become the mainstream technolog

PCB small batch proofing processing and production process

PCB small batch proofing processing and production process Many customers of CB small-batch proofing want to get the product immediately after signing the contract, preferably with a cup of tea. In fact, every process of SMT patch processing takes time,

High - level circuit board hub production process control

High TG, high speed, high frequency, thick copper, thin dielectric layer and other special materials are used in high-rise board, which puts forward high requirements for inner line fabrication and graphic size control.

the different production processes used by PCB result in the diversity of prices

At present, PCB board manufacturers generally adjust PCB prices according to different payment methods, ranging from 5%-10%, which also causes the difference in price.

SMT laser steel mesh production process

The use of such a high heat source to try to achieve a relatively low temperature on the PCB surface greatly increases the possibility of flux overburning.

PCB high frequency board to choose what board and production processing methods

which also means that the frequency is higher and higher, the requirements of the circuit board substrate is also higher and higher.

PCB manufacturing principle and production process introduction

The finger contains a number of exposed copper pads that are actually part of the PCB wiring. Usually to connect, we insert the gold finger on one PCB into the appropriate Slot on the other PCB (generally called an expansion Slot).

High - level circuit board key production process control

Due to the number of high-rise board layers, the customer design end of PCB layer alignment requirements are more and more strict, usually the inter-layer alignment tolerance control ±75μm, considering the large size design of high-rise board units, graph

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