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production process

PCB design and production company multi-layer pcb circuit board proofing production process

PCB board is printed with solder paste, installed with electronic components, and then fixed by reflow welding.

Four layer PCB board production process

First, clean the cured photosensitive film on the PCB. It is then cleaned of excess copper foil covered with a strong alkali. The tin coating on PCB layout copper foil is then removed with destin solution. After cleaning, complete the 4-layer PCB layout.

OSP surface treatment PCB production process requirements

OSP is Organic Solderability Preservatives, which refers to the coating of OSP film on the bare brass plate (double-sided/multilayer/two-layer) in place of the original protective treatment such as tin spraying on the surface of the plate.

Detailed understanding of SMT patch processing and production process

SMT patch processing refers to the process of pasting electronic components and other materials on PCB bare board. It is a popular processing technology in electronic assembly industry.

What is the production process of PCB multilayer pressing?

The platen method of this new concept is called "mass platen" or "large platen". In recent years, there have been many professional OEM pressing industry.

Introduction to PCBA flexible electronic production process and quality control

The FPC board is soft and not vacuum packed when leaving the factory. It is easy to absorb moisture in the air during transportation and storage. It needs to be pre-baked before SMT line casting to slowly force out the moisture.

Flexible PCB production process

Flexible printed circuit board is composed of flexible substrate (PI/PET), copper foil and binder. It is widely used in consumer electronic terminal products, such as smart phones, tablets, personal medical devices and so on.

SMT patch production process

SMT basic process elements include: screen printing, mounting (curing), reflow soldering, cleaning, testing, repair

Circuit and substrate flush PCB circuit board production process development

If the contact or line on the PCB circuit board needs to contact with the parts over and over again, with the passage of the product office hours, the appearance of the metal will reveal a certain wear, so the contact is not good.

Precautions in the production process of PCB circuit board proofing

PCB proofing refers to the trial production of PCB before mass production. After the electronic engineer presets the circuit and completes the PCB Layout, he carries out the process of small batch trial production to the factory, that is, PCB proofing.

What are the difficulties in the production process of PCB multilayer circuit board?

There are many exquisite PCB presets, whether it is the principle of presets or components mix and match, are strict requirements.

The production process of soft and hard combined board

The production process of soft and hard combined board has punching. Riveted. Laminate. Edge removal material. Drill holes. Remove glue residue. Copper sinking. PCB board surface plating. Outer dry film positive film production. Graphic plating. Alkaline

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