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Printed circuit boards in the field of electronic components

In the printing industry, photo platemaking is often used to produce pictures on paper. That is, by taking photos, the picture of the bottom plate, etched on the copper plate or zinc plate, with this copper plate or zinc plate, you can print a lot of pict

Why do PCB circuit boards need to have a place to test?

Basically, the goal of setting up the test area is to test the components on the circuit board for specification and weldability.

Methods for making printed circuit boards

The manufacturing process of printed board is still more complex, to go through the light painting, photographic plate and other chemical processes, consume more materials, longer cycle, high cost.

The four elements of characteristic impedance are developed in the manufacture of pcb circuit boards

Although the miniaturization trend makes it more challenging, it is possible to use multiple connector groups on two PCB boards by using best design practices.

PCB A balanced laminated design of printed circuit boards

In the core structure, all the conductive layers in the circuit board are coated on the core material; In the foil-coated structure, only the internal conductive layer of the circuit board is applied to the core material, and the external conductive layer

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general solid insulation material is not easy to fill the dead corners, and where the need to be closely matched, such as high-voltage cables, transformers, small capacitors, can be filled with mineral oil, ethylene glycol and carbon chloride, as liquid i

There are several processes of sun block welding for PCB circuit boards

Sunblock welding process can be roughly divided into three operating procedures:The first step is exposure. The second step is developing. The third operation process repair board.

Frequently asked Questions about purchasing circuit boards

In production, we will have the engineering review and approval of your information, if there is a problem the first time to combine with you! In order not to delay your time, the combination form you provide must be accurate.

What materials and classification do pcb circuit boards have?

Copper clad plate is the basic material of electronic industry, mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of printed circuit board (PCB), widely used in TV, radio, computer, computer, mobile phone, communication and other electronic products.

High density printed circuit boards for DC converters

The PCB layout determines the performance of a switched power converter. You don't have to spend countless hours debugging EMI, noise, signal integrity, and other issues associated with poor layout.

Influence of loss performance on high speed circuit boards

In addition to the machining technology, back drilling design and stump control also have some effects on PCB loss.

What are the common problems of PCB circuit boards? It is good to know these for your PCB design

Poor insulation of copper wire will lead to arc between copper wire and copper wire. Too close between the copper trace and the path, it is easy to short-circuit risk; The lack of thickness of the circuit board can lead to bending and breaking.

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