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The knack of making circuit boards quickly

Want to really fast production of high precision, good performance, and can save the cost of PCB circuit board, this is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for circuit design engineers.

What is the difference between flexible and rigid circuit boards?

Soft board is a printed circuit board made of flexible insulating material, which has many advantages that rigid printed circuit boards do not have. Rigid circuit boards can be high-density.

Five general types of PCB circuit boards are introduced

Five general types of PCB circuit boards: single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards

Why do multilayer circuit boards do impedance

PCB impedance refers to the resistance and reactance of the parameters, the alternating current plays an obstruction role. Impedance processing is essential in PCB circuit board production.

Printed circuit boards and lead-free assembly requirements

Why is lead not allowed on printed boards, assembly processes and products? There are two reasons for this: first, lead is toxic and affects the environment; Second, leaded solder is not suitable for new assembly technology.

Performance test of 7 common PCBA circuit boards

PCB performance test is a necessary test to ensure the stability of product performance after processing. It is divided into different tests according to the actual environment and purpose of product use.

How to repair circuit boards

Resistance is the most numerous component in electrical equipment, but it is not the component with the highest damage rate. Resistance damage is most common in open circuit, and resistance increases are rare and resistance decreases are rare.

Recycling technology of epoxy resin in waste printed circuit boards

At present, the technology of metal extraction and recycling in waste printed circuit boards has been relatively mature. However, there is the problem of recycling the large amount of metal that remains after extraction.

Explain the importance of electroplating for printed circuit boards

The interconnection of various plates in electronic facilities often requires the use of PCB plug sockets with spring contacts and a matching preset printed circuit board with connected contacts.

Techniques for welding and disassembling electronic components from circuit boards

The lead inductance of patch resistors and capacitors is greatly reduced, which has great advantages in high frequency circuits. The disadvantage of surface mounted components is that they are not easily welded by hand.

Steps for making rigid printed circuit boards

Usually does not contain volatile solvent, low temperature fast curing, can meet the requirements of mass production automation, high production efficiency, good product quality, heat resistant curing flux accounts for more than ten energy.

Complete guide to flexible printed circuit boards

Other features are also available, including crimping pins, graphic overlays, laser cut grooves, carved flexible circuits, shields, flexible heaters and stiffeners. With so many possibilities, there is a flexible circuit board to suit every need.

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