Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".

Single-sided PCB Assembly

Single-sided vehicle power supply PCB assembly

We provide Single-sided vehicle power supply PCB assembly services. Kingford is your one stop turnkey PCB assembly factory.

Robotics Circuit Board Controler PCBA

Product DescriptionCircuit Board Controler PCBA for Robotics and Automatic EquipmentWho we are?Shenzhen Kingford Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999,we are a manufacturer who are specialized in PCB Assembly (SMT, DIP, AI) and electronic pro

Single-sided PCB Assembly Services

Kingford provides Single-sided PCB Assembly Services services. This is a PCBA one-stop assembly factory with senior industry experience. Welcome to know us

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